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Block Island & the Milky Way

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Block Island during the September off-season.  With no crowds in sight and wonderful weather abundant, it seemed like the perfect time to visit this little off-coast gem.  This year I was able to make a return trip, and if you can believe it, the weather was even nicer!  I managed to take 5 days off for this little visit offshore and it was probably the last true week of summer that Rhode Island experienced.  Days on the beach, biking around the island, beautifully clear weather... there wasn't much else you could've wished for!
But being a photographer comes with its own difficulties.  In particular, whenever I take a vacation, particularly ones for leisure, I am always conflicted about how much shooting to do.  Here I am in this beautiful location with gorgeous weather and scenery, how can I not take pictures?  I guess it's the downside of having a profession you love; you can just never get away from work!
The first …

East Matunuck

This winter has been one for the record books.  With 30 degree swings in temperature, mid 60° weather in late February, it suddenly feels like spring has already arrived with summer just around the corner.  
While I spent some time outside basking in the warm sunlight the past few weeks, I still felt anxious as these weather patterns are certainly an indicator of the trending unpredictability due to climate change.  I can't even imagine what kind of disruptions we might get later in the year.  Will there be another late spring frost that kills any blooms and impacts orchards and crops? Severe rains like the historic flooding back in 2010?  Intense summer squalls or damaging hurricanes?  My mind plays a tug-of-war between warm weather enthusiasm and doomsday like anxiety...
But thats when I can return to my photography.  My work can encompass my dichotomous feelings about the weather – celebrating the beautiful places and lifestyle that comes from being outdoors on a gorgeous day,…

Winter Wonderland Aerials

Winter is a time of dormancy, rest, and recuperation before the coming seasons of warmth and growth.  While it can be hard to go outside in cold weather, I still need to get out there, get shooting, and just continue to create!
My drone has provided me with an easy way to just get out and explore, even if I'm lacking ideas for photography.  With our first real good snowfall of the year earlier this month, I took my quadcopter out for a spin twice in one week.  
I spent most of my air time on an aerial exploration of Scarborough Beach.  This terrific location is often overshadowed by the better known Narragansett Town Beach to the north, but I've found it to be a wonderful stretch of sand and swell.  On this day in particular I was enjoying photographing the long lines of surf and white wash as they rolled onto the beach.  
This outing made me realize I'll have to start making critical decisions about my photography whenever the surf comes around!  Do I take out the DSLR a…

Hazard Rock from the Air

I've been photographing at Hazard Rock in Narragansett for several years now.  It's a great little spot just off the main road, that makes you feel like you're – almost – in the middle of nowhere.  It can be particularly treacherous during storm swell and high surf.  People have died off these rocks, so the bluffs are not to be taken lightly. 
I went down during a low tide with some wave action to photograph the swirling waters along the rocky shore.  There were some great flat spots high above the tide line where I could safely launch from.  It was a bit windier, about 14mph, and my drone handled it superbly :)
I'll have to return during a high tide when the water covers all the dark grimy rock, and the ocean just meets the sandy colored bluffs.  I'm finding a sweet spot for these types of shots usually around 90-150ft, just high enough to get a cool birds eye view, but still low enough to notice the details in the water and rocks.  It's all a learning experi…

Extras from Jackson

Ok, I think these photos need no introduction!  I will periodically go back through old folders to see what new gems I can dig up.  September's trip to Jackson is a treasure trove of outdoor adventure shots, and I just can't help but share more with you!  Here's a bunch from Treetop Adventure, yoga at the resort, Corbett's Couloir, Blacktail Butte, camping, and the Snake River. 
Anyone even partially contemplating an extended photo workshop to partake in this year, I highly recommend the Summit Workshops :)
See all the shots in the complete Jackson Gallery

East Beach Aerials

My drone had been out of commission for the better part of the past two months.  What I considered a small fix turned into a bit of a fiasco with 3DR.  Long story short, I just needed a small hardware adjustment to a loose piece in my controller, but I had to send my entire kit back as one unit, and that unit was delivered to their California location, but they could never find it to service it, and after weeks of back and forth of "What's the update on my drone?"  "To be honest, we haven't located it yet...", some complaints on my part, the finally sent me back a drone.  Not my drone, but a refurbished unit.  So I had to do some registration work with the FAA to cancel my previous drone registration and register my new unit under my name.... and phew.  I was finally read to get back to the air (6 weeks later).
I love my drone, I love what it can do, but in about 16 months 3DR has had more than just a shift or transition, but some call it a significant com…

Marsh Restoration with Save the Bay

Winter might seem like the opposite of a busy season, but for some it's the peak for activity.  This is true for any farmer, grower, or other dirt digger who rests during the summer growing season and goes all-in during the winter and spring.  I had the opportunity to join Save the Bay once again during their marsh restoration, this time down in Weekapaug where they were helping restore water drainage to a migrating marsh.

It was a cold December day, but as soon as everyone put on their work boots and climbed into the muck, the sun kept us warm enough to keep working.  An excavator was clearing out all the gunk that had accumulated in several drainage ditches, and dug a few new trenches as well.  This drainage is key to keeping the wetland healthy, allowing tidal salt water to drain out every twelve hours.

I soon learned this was more than just about drainage, but also helping a marsh fight sea level rise.  Signs of sea level rise are all around, if you just know what to look for.…

Yoga Tune Up with Jessie

Remember when I mentioned I had a new favorite yoga class?  Well this is Jessie demonstrating the wonderful Yoga Tune Up method for targeted deep tissue massage and therapy.  It's not as much yoga as it is self-massage.  These therapy balls come in different densities and sizes, and when used to target stress and trigger points, they can do wonders for tension in the body.  Jessie teaches at Laughing Elephant Yoga and I can't recommend Yoga Tune Up enough!
This photo shoot went from my usual outdoor setting to an indoor natural light studio.  The therapy balls were difficult to photograph since they are not always clearly visible.  But with some time and patience we found some poses that either created beautiful lines or displayed the balls clearly.  It was a short session but a lot of fun, and once again, Jessie was amazing to work with!  Look relaxing?  Try it out!
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