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Nature: Large Format

As promised, some large format images.  Taken with my very own large format system :)  First time I gave it all a spin.  Pretty happy with the results.

More Cross Processing

Here are some more cross processed images.  Some large format coming soon!  I have to say, this first one is probably one of my favorites thus far.  I would like to thank my wonderful puppy for modeling.  And for the marshes and forests of Rhode Island for being so incredible.  And for the sunflowers at the farm stand at Walden Woods for being in bloom.

Cross Processing

After recently coming across some amazing cross processed images and looking at the work of multi-talented artist Scott Hansen, I decided to give my interest in cross-processed film a try.  I always enjoyed the aesthetic it often creates and the almost vintage feel of the images.  For those of you who are unaware of what cross-processing (or x-processesing) entails, here's a quick explanation:  color negative film use C-41 chemicals during film development to produce negatives, while color slide film uses E-6 chemicals to produce finished slides.  The X-Process involves using the opposite chemicals for the type of film you used; in my case, I shot with color slide film, and developed it with C-41 chemicals.  I also experimented with expired film (about 2006) to hopefully enhance any effects.  

Cross Processing is extremely unpredictable and results can vary between film types, the prominent colors in a shot, the batch of chemicals used, even between single rolls of film from the sa…