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Remembering Spain

Summer of 2009 I travelled to Spain and spent a wonderful three weeks with 9 classmates and my photography professor.  It was truly a memorable experience, and I hope to return soon.  Here are some of the images I came across recently, and hope you all enjoy:

Pigeon in Barcelona
Celebrations at Plaça de Catalunya


More Film from San Francisco

Just got some film back from the lab, more cross processing.  Some of it is from last fall, some great shots from San Francisco.  I haven't gotten through everything yet but here's three images I just edited and figured I'd share.  Love them!  The cross processing on this batch isn't over-dramatic, but definitely adds an interesting element which I thoroughly enjoy.

Going to reorganize my external hard drive over the next couple of days.  I have folders from 5 years back or so, no uniform naming conventions on folders or files, stuff all over the place.  I really want to have a nice clean archive and accessible final edits and websize edits.  So that'll be a bit of a project.

My website is going to be reconstructed soon as well!  Waiting until after I archive my hard drive and images, then going to make my web portfolio even better!!!  Stay tuned.

These two were from the Conservatory of Flowers in the Golden Gate Park out on the West Coast.

This amazing Buddha was…