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More J Class

Some more of the shots I got of the J Class boats while watching from Castle Hill.  These were from the last day of racing, a lot less breeze than my previous shots.

Also, some shots from racing in the rain last night out of Wickford for their Wednesday Night Racing series:

The weather made for some great shooting last night, with all the boats just standing out against the monochromatic horizon.  Can't wait to get out there again!  :)

J Class in Newport

Hey everyone I hope summer has been in full swing for everyone because it's definitely been a busy start to the season here in RI!  Thinking I need to start a nautical/coastal portfolio so I went out shooting the J Class boats match racing in Newport last week!  I only got a chance to shoot from land, but here are some images I took from Castle Hill and Weatherhill.  Right now I'm just in a phase trying to get comfortable shooting on the water and shooting boats.  But here's some of my shots from the races, enjoy!

And I also went down into Wickford for the first Tuesday Night Summer Concert.  Although I didn't really get any good shots of the crowd or the band, I decided to do some downtown dusk shooting!