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Barefoot at the Beach

It's still summer, right?  Well technically I guess it isn't as of today, but we can still pretend.  I've had two sets of friends, two portrait sessions, at two different beaches, and loving it!  Getting sand between all of our toes and taking some pictures before the sun goes down.  It's been a while since I've done much portraiture, but it's nice to knock off any rust and have some fun!  Here's just a taste of some of the resulting images:

See me in New York!

The results are in! The winning images have been posted! The American Society of Media Photographers, New York Chapter, hosts an annual photography contest, and I am pleased to announce an image from your very own made the cut for the image11 photo competition!  My photo, titled "Fish", was taken in January of this year during a trip to San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences.  This image in particular has already received recognition in the Photographic Resource Center's Student Exhibition in Boston this year, Creative Quarterly Issue #24, and Vermont PhotoPlace Gallery's "The Poetry of Shadows" Juried Exhibition. To add to the list, my image will be showcased in a gallery exhibition of all the winning image11 photographs as an Honorable Mention, Student Category.

Gallery location and dates TBD, I will keep you updated!

You can see all the wonderful winning images here:

New Work: Creative Close-ups of Prospect Flowers

Spent some time just shooting for myself this summer.  Spent two rolls of film just shooting flowers and other things around the yard between my house and my neighbors'!  Finally got around to editing some of it and here's the result.  The film was cross-processed, E-6 to C-41.  I've been enjoying experimenting with cross-processing film this year, and have definitely been happy as well as disappointed with some results.  For those of you who don't know, cross-processing is developing a roll of color film in the opposite film chemistry it's intended for, i.e.  developing slide film (E-6) in color negative chemistry (C-41).  It can result in a lot of cool color shifts and contrasty images but is highly unpredictable.  Either way, here's some of the images I ended up with, enjoy!

Irene and her Fury

It's been over a month since my last post.  My sincerest apologies, I need to get more regular with this.
I've been reassessing business related stuff and redoing more business related stuff.  Haven't had a whole lot of time to go shooting but I did wander the streets of Wickford in Rhode Island in the midst of blustery Hurricane Irene to take a few pictures.  The first image is a comparison between a night shot I did of Tavern by the Sea and the same shot, only during the hurricane!  Luckily there was little to damage here in Rhode Island, or at least at my end of the state, aside from wind damage and a couple of loose boats that ended up on rocks.  No severe injuries, some power outages, but we're all doing a lot better now a week since the storm!