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Autumn! In a Blast

Autumn has arrived!  Within the week the trees have started changing and the 70 degree weather has definitely subsided.  It's started to feel like fall again, and Halloween is this coming Monday.  I snapped this image as I was just walking down the street.  Of course with this wonderful season change we've also gotten a lot of rain all of a sudden, even snow in some parts!  I guess autumn has already come and gone?  I sure hope not... I would like it to stay just a few weeks longer!

The Rhode Island Sunrise

As the days are getting shorter and the sun starts coming up later in the morning, I decided to make the chilly trek down to my town beach to catch the sunrise this week.  It was a gorgeous morning, about 35 degrees outside, sea smoke, light clouds, and an incredible bright sunrise of pinks and blues.  I captured the breathtaking scene as best I could, but of course nothing is quite like actually witnessing it!  Unlike during summer months when watching a sunrise means waking up at ungodly hours in the morning, the autumnal sunrise seemed just perfect!  Over the next few weeks our gorgeous golden overseer will be shifting slowly further south, and I intend on witnessing some of that as well.  Enjoy!

New Recent Work Page!

New page added to the website!

I know there are people who follow the blog, and I post a lot of my most recent work and projects there (more to come, I promise!).  But I also made the decision to add a new "Recent Work" page to my website where you can view just about all the new images from the blog, and more, in one location!  I even made it a nice slideshow type style for some easy viewing.  Be sure to check it out!

Leaves Before the Change

A little over a month ago now I made the trip up into New Hampshire Franconia Notch State Park.  I experienced the incredible wonder of the flume and some of the surrounding area throughout the day, and I cannot wait to go back!  I brought my film camera with me and cross processed the E6 Slide film.  As a whole, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the film turnout, but that's the risk you take with cross processing.  There are a few images, however, that I was very pleased with and would like to share.

For anyone who wishes to venture into New Hampshire, I hear peak foliage is happening right now!  So I would pack up the hiking boots and bring a camera before the leaves completely turn and fall for the winter.  (I'm trying to get up there again soon too, like really soon.  Might miss peak foliage but it would definitely still be worth a trip.)

I also attended a seminar recently, hosted at EP Levine of Waltham.  The speaker, Colleen Wainwright, gave a talk about "Making …

After the Rain

I have to say I love a good rain, and Little Rhody saw some torrential downpours last week.  First there was the 40 ft. visibility fog, then the light rain, then the skies opened up for about half an hour, only to clear out just in time for a gorgeous sunset!  I grabbed my camera and went out to get some pictures during the wonderfully wicked New England weather.  It's been a busy weekend so just getting around to processing them now, but thought I'd share :)