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Snow Last Year

Sorry about the two weeks between blogging, I had a little bit of trouble posting last week.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Anyway, we seem to be in an odd season right now, some sort of transition between summer and winter that's supposed to be Autumn seems to have transitioned right into a Spring.  The temperatures are mild, there's sun and some rain, but the typical indicators of Autumn are completely MIA.  Not that I'm complaining about the incredible weather and the ability to go outside without a jacket, but it is a little odd given we are just a few days away from December.  Perhaps Mother Nature is just making up for that blizzard on Halloween?

I got some time in shooting large format, but of course it'll be a little while before you all see what comes from those slides.  In the meantime, I went through my archive to see what I was shooting around this time last year, and I came up with some cross processed film from last December.  Snow in Wickford. …

From the RI Coast

More images from the beautiful Rhode Island coast, some sunsets and some activity out on the water!  Took my camera out two days in a row, two windy days, and captured some sunsets and windsurfing and kitesurfing.  It was quite the showing for the recreational folks, I counted about a dozen kite surfers on day one, with almost as many windsurfers.  Day two there was still quite a showing, although only about 6 kite surfers while I was out watching and taking pictures.

I have so many pictures of these kite surfers it's hard to select just a few to share!  But I'll do my best to give you a sampling that accurately represents the entire take from the two days.  It was quite the spectacle with some intense onshore wind, about 25 knots the first day, and some surf for everyone to play in, ride, jump off of... Made for some great watching, and with warmer weather and sun, I was able to sit out there for over an hour two days in a row!

Now see me in Cali!

That's right, my work is now going to be represented coast to coast!  Accepted works list came out for the Linus Gallery's Black and White Exhibition, to be displayed in their Long Beach gallery in California this December 9th.  First my work makes it into a NYC exhibition, now a show out in California, I couldn't be happier!  And not only did one of my images make the cut, but two!  See if you can pick them out of the lineup, hint, if you've perused my full website you should have come across both images.  Ok fine I'll tell you, they're the bird's nest and the rocks in the stream, both in row 7.  Ok fine I'll include them in the post so you can be sure.  If anyone out there in Cali wants to make the trip to Linus Gallery on December 9th, it looks like the whole exhibit will be a terrific showing of black and white imagery.  I don't think I'll be able to make the exhibit myself, so let me know how it goes!

Cold won't stop us!

Just because the summer temperatures are gone does not mean a lack of activity out on the water!  If it's a breezy day, no matter what the season, chances are you can see some of the locals out on the water either for frostbite sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, you name it.  There's even ice sailors once those ponds freeze over!  It was gorgeous autumn weather this weekend, and I took the trip to the beach to take pictures of some kite surfers.  I counted three going back and forth for a couple hours. I also got to try out my new lens for the first time, and there is a reason the Nikon 70-200mm VRII is one of the king Nikkor lenses!  It was a dream to work with, and on my Nikon D80 is was an effective 100-300mm lens.  Here's three shots from the day!

Film: It's been a while

I haven't been shooting as much the past couple months as I would like to.  I'm trying, but it's been rather busy and just getting out there with a camera is all I want to do and seems to be the hardest thing at the moment.  And going out with my large format camera is what I've been wanting to do the most.  I was looking over my past posts and I realized that I REALLY need to get out there with my 4x5, but I also need to share the little bit of large format work I've managed to do this past season.  So here's two shoots that I've done:  First is just a walk in the woods and what nature was so nice to give me for subjects.  Very happy with the bird's nest I happened across!  Second is a walk along the beach during those couple of weeks we had some serious fog rolling through the Rhode Island area in September/October.  Hoping to get back to the beach for some more 4x5 soon.