Now see me in Cali!

That's right, my work is now going to be represented coast to coast!  Accepted works list came out for the Linus Gallery's Black and White Exhibition, to be displayed in their Long Beach gallery in California this December 9th.  First my work makes it into a NYC exhibition, now a show out in California, I couldn't be happier!  And not only did one of my images make the cut, but two!  See if you can pick them out of the lineup, hint, if you've perused my full website you should have come across both images.  Ok fine I'll tell you, they're the bird's nest and the rocks in the stream, both in row 7.  Ok fine I'll include them in the post so you can be sure.  If anyone out there in Cali wants to make the trip to Linus Gallery on December 9th, it looks like the whole exhibit will be a terrific showing of black and white imagery.  I don't think I'll be able to make the exhibit myself, so let me know how it goes!


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