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Stormy Seas in Narragansett

A few weeks ago, I made the short trip down to Narragansett in the hopes of finding some surfers out on the water given the prospect of storm swells.  Sadly, there wasn't much swell, and only a few people in the water so sorry, no surfing shots.  But we did watch the water and light rain blow through, and I captured a few shots of the weather and waves, and even Beavertail Light shining through the fog.

I'll be keeping an eye on the local surf reports while I'm working on other projects.  Perhaps I'll find some kite surfers out there in the next few weeks too.  And as promised, images from my first rolls of Holga film will be posted next week!

Bringing Back the Hipstamatic!

For any of you with an iPhone or pretty much any smart phone with a decent camera, you've probably started to replace your old point and shoots with your phone, and not with horrible results either!  I upgraded to the world of smart phones several months ago and have found myself completely captivated by the numerous camera apps.  Two popular ones in particular are Hipstamatic and Instagram for iPhone.

These both have great effects and filters, recreating effects from old analog cameras and films that are either discontinued or just not widely used anymore.  Hipstamatic in particular is specifically designed to recreate the effects of the cult camera from decades past, with different "camera" and "film" options within the app to create different effects.  Instagram gives you a wide array of filters to apply to your square photos, and I found an interesting diagram in a Photoweekly enewsletter that shows how you can get the same effects with analog cameras and f…

Charming Wickford

Oh little Wickford, oh charming little Wickford.  Sadly there was no snow to pretty you up this winter (so far), but we still had those little twinkling lights!  Now those little lights are coming down but the charm will always remain.  Hopefully this new year some of those empty storefronts will be filled again with new entrepreneurial prospects, but you will always be charming regardless!