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Wind & Waves at Ruggles & Narragansett

So the past week there were some forecasts predicting big swell and surf, but as the week went on it turned into smaller surf and more winds.  I went out a couple days in a row to check it out anyway and to see if any local surfers would be trying their luck.  With my Nikon 70-200mm VRII in hand (more like a 100-300mm on my crop-factor camera), I went and sat out in some wonderful weather.  If there wasn't any wind and wind chill, it might have just been perfect.  Sun, waves, water, local activity, it was quite a good way to spend the weekend.

The spot of choice was definitely Ruggles, at least from what I could tell.  The waves were breaking further north than usual, where on a typical day they break a little further south on the point.  It was really quite windy, about 25 knot winds with some hefty gusts, but Ruggles was pretty protected from the west winds by land and it made for some nice big waves without some of the chop that I saw at other spots like Narragansett Beach and …

Narragansett at Dusk

No words needed.  A beautiful crisp evening at the beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Seascapes Holga Film

I received a plastic camera for Christmas, a Holga 120N.  It's beautifully simple to use and takes a lot of the thinking and over-thinking out of photography.  It reduces the photographer to pure artist creating art:  observe, aim, capture.  Of course, because of its lack of bells and whistles, exposures might not quite be what you expected.  I'm told to expect light leaks and the "focusing" is really just guess work.  But the camera does generate some cool effects due to its prime lens and fixed focus, creating soft focus and heavy vignetting.  I have absolutely fallen in love with this low-tech wonder and plan on keeping it on my person!  Here's two shots from my first rolls of film (and I'm loving composing within a square again).  Enjoy!