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Two Days in a Row!

The swell stuck around for several days and I was able to swing by Monahan's Dock again to grab some shots.  Here's a few from a late afternoon session yesterday!

Swell, Finally!

Rhode Island has been in a bit of a drought, which is sad for spring, especially when there's supposed to be April showers and May flowers.  But we finally got some rain!  And plenty of breeze along with it.  Many of the surfers who have been craving swell the past couple of months were finally given what they were asking for, and 6+ waves hit the Rhode Island coast.  I sat out at State Pier No. 5, also known as Monahan's Dock to the locals, and watched the hoards of surfers challenging the wind, waves and rain.

How I got this shot:  Nikon D80, Nikkor 70-200mm VRII, and a Rain Jacket (looking at getting a teleconverter to help give my lenses more reach)

More Holga! Beach and Flowers

Got some more film back from the lab!  More medium format Holga pictures for you all to enjoy!  Took it out to the beach one day, and stopped by the side of the road to shoot a magnolia tree as well.  Still learning on this simple little plastic camera, but still loving it!  I had some trouble with these two rolls, it seemed most of the shots on  both rolls have a bit of seeing-double-syndrome going on.  I shall investigate to resolve the issue!