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Foggy Matunuck, and Some Surf

Spent the last week down in Matunuck as friends were moving out of their rentals and the summer residents began moving back in.  It was mostly to give myself a bit of a break from the number of projects I've taken on recently, sit out on the front lawn with my boyfriend, get some sun, and prepare for the summer months.  I still brought my camera (of course), and went to sit on the beach one late afternoon as fog rolled in and the air quickly cooled.  There was a bit of swell and of course some surfers out on the water to greet it!  I also was playing around with my newest lens, the Nikkor 16-35mm VR, and just enjoying the beach.  I grabbed a few shots I wanted to share and hope you all enjoy them as well!

Oh, and by the way, had a surf lesson down at Narragansett Beach on Sunday and it was a blast!  It wasn't my first time out on a board, third time actually, but it'd been about 6 years since I gave it a try so I figured I was overdue.  There wasn't much surf on Sunday…

Go Girls! RI Women's States

High school sailing... I remember those days, long days at school followed by long hours on the water.  Sometimes you would get lucky and it would be sunny and seasonably warm.  Most days it was cloudy, or raining, or even frigid and snowing.  Either way, I had a blast and definitely carry fond memories of my team (Go NK!).  Road trips, snow storms, squalls, bruised shins, cracked hands, state championships (two years in a row back way back in my day), but most of all I remember all of the friends, the fun, and of course the sailing!

I was down at the yacht club the other day, and Wickford was hosting for the RI Women's State Championship.  Eight teams were present, private and public high schools alike.  I was only able to stay for the first two races, and had to head in just as the B-teams were making their way out.  It brought back some great memories, and I know I was rooting for North Kingstown who had won this same regatta last year.  Sadly though, my alma mater did not win …

Moonstone Beach Holgas

I haven't been out shooting much lately, but the little bit of shooting I have been managing has been with my Holga and some black and white film.  I've already shared some images from Matunuck, but I've been visiting the various beaches along the southern shore of Rhode Island.  We started at Matunuck, and next is Moonstone (as you travel down Route 1 South).  I've visited Green Hill and the Breachway as well, and plan on revisiting these other locations with my camera.  I also figured out my camera issue!  Turns out the switch on the bottom of my Holga to change between normal and bulb exposures is rather sensitive, and I had accidentally switched to bulb exposures on my last two rolls.  Luckily, the problem has been resolved!  And this roll of exposures came out just fine.  I will be sure to double check that setting before every exposure from here on out.  Here's a couple of shots from Moonstone beach, with more from Matunuck and other southern RI beaches to co…

ACCEPTED! Westerly Exhibition

The results are in!  And both of my entries were accepted!

I try to submit regularly to art exhibitions and calls for entry.  It keeps me on point and gives me an outlet for my fine art work.  I received notification from the Artists' Cooperative Gallery of Westerly that both of my entries, "Foam Edge" and "Galilee Panoramic #1" were accepted into their upcoming Regional Art Exhibit, which is held annually:

It was just about this time last year that I was accepted into my first juried art exhibition outside of competitions held at college.  I packed up two prints and headed over to Newburyport Art Assoc. in Newburyport, MA, for their annual juried regional exhibit!  It was exciting for me, kind of a college send-off "Here I am professional fine art world!" kind of experience.  And here we are, a year later, plenty of new work to promote and build upon, and I've been accepted into another regional art exhibit here in coastal New England.

The open…