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America's Cup in Newport! And a new camera

Oh the excitement!  The America's Cup World Series has arrived in Newport and just about everyone is talking about it!  The boats arrived via shipping containers in Quonset, and Tuesday I was able to get out on the water to check out the AC45's during practice.  The great thing about visiting during the first half of the week was ACWS Village admission was free, parking was only $10 and there was no restricted race area out in the channel so I was able to get right up close!  Of course, I was rather fearful I was going to be run through by a carbon fiber catamaran, but these are rather talented sailors with rather maneuverable boats.  There was a slight rain shower (and I mean like a small funnel of rain just passing through), but other than that it was sunny skies and a decent seabreeze, topping out at about 13 knots by 3pm-ish.
For anyone who might be unaware, the America's Cup is the longest running active trophied event in international sport, and Newport has a long h…

Another Wednesday Night

Wednesday Night Racing out of Wickford Harbor!  I look forward to this gathering of friends, family, and sailors just about every week!  Compared to the previous week of heavy fog, this evening proved to be gorgeous with a wonderfully golden sun and a light breeze.  I was out sailing on Papa again with my parents and some friends.  We didn't have the best start, but held as much of our position as we could for the first leg.  Our downwind leg was terrific!  We managed to pass two competitors and put a great amount of distance between ourselves and the back half of the fleet.  Of course, rounding the leeward mark in fourth did not mean we would finish in fourth.  Our poor and heavy one-sailed Nonsuch was no match for the lighter jibbed boats on the last leg, pushing us to finish in about 6th.  Be sure to check out my previous Wednesday Night blog post for more reading!
As always, more photos can be seen on my website.  If you're a participant, be sure to check out the Wed Nigh…

12 Metres in Narragansett

More summer sailing happenings:  An interesting little regatta was put together this year in celebration of all the America's Cup events and racing happening in Newport the last week of June.  South County Tourism Council, the towns of Narragansett and South Kingstown, their chambers of commerce, and several sponsors including The Mews Tavern, Matunuck Oyster Bar, The Whale Rockers, The Coast Guard House Restaurant, and the Narragansett Lions Club (among others) brought together six 12 Metres to sail for a small regatta off of Narragansett Town Beach.  Coined the South County 12 Metre Regatta, all of the participating boats had sailed in past America's Cup events, including two-time cup winner Intrepid, cup winners Columbia and Weatherly, American Eagle with her prestigious racing record, the trial boat Northern Light and cup contender Nefertiti.  
While spectators watched from shore and a ticketed pre-race party was held at the Coast Guard House, I watched from a boat out on…

Newport Bermuda Start

The summer's just officially begun and so much has been happening already I've barely been able to keep up with it all!  For anyone not in the sailing, or Rhode Island, or Newport communities, let me fill you in a bit.  A couple Fridays ago on June 15th was the start for the Newport to Bermuda Race, which takes place every year setting sailors on a 635 mile course due East across the ocean, through the Gulf Stream, to Bermuda.  This year there were 17 classes, including starts for classics, cruisers, double-handed boats, and of course the big maxis with big boats and professional crews.  I knew several people participating in the race this year, including my little brother who sailed on the Coast Guard's J44 Glory!  It was his first Newport Bermuda Race and the family took out the Nonsuch and sailed over to Newport to see the start.  
We took a small harbor cruise to find my brother at dock and say hi before heading out to the race area. Most of these images were taken dur…

From the Archives: Spanish Coast

I have all of these pictures from 2009 that I don't think I ever properly gone through.  Gigs and gigs of photos from a trip to Spain with my photography class just after my sophomore year at Fitchburg State.  It was a 3 week trip that essentially transplanted our photography class from Masschusetts to Barcelona.  The same classmates, the same professor, the same cameras, and some of even the same assignments, just taking place with a Spanish backdrop and even in a Spanish school room for those days we needed a projector.  Our well traveled professor, the dignified and very tall Peter Laytin, made sure we experienced as much of this trip to the Spanish coastline as we could.  He was rather surprised when we finished our photography assignments instead of hitting the Spanish club scene.  Yes, we did experience the Barcelona night life on a couple of occasions before the trip was over, and I can say it was very memorable and I highly recommend Barcelona for anyone planning their ne…