Website Revamp

For anyone who may have visited in the past week might have noticed some changes.  That's right, the website has undergone a face lift!  Previously, I had two related and functioning websites: acting as Web Portfolio and informational site, and acting as the "Store".  Well now the two have become one!

and Now:

It was all in an effort to get my photos under the same roof, on the same page, view-able and purchasable in one easy to navigate website.  Photoshelter already had the capacity to host portfolios, private viewing galleries and image delivery for clients, as well as e-commerce allowing individuals to purchase products, prints, or even just digital downloads for stock or personal use through their websites.  I figured I might as well take advantage of ALL of their features and moved my portfolios over to Photoshelter.  So now it features my photography portfolios, the photographs available as limited edition prints, viewing galleries and download portal for clients, and a huge comprehensive photography catalog with ALL images available as stock photography and fine art (not limited edition) prints.  As well as navigation to my other sites like Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

The biggest changes for people used to seeing the previous layout, would be the relocation of the "Recent Work" navigation tab.  I like to gather all of the images posted in my blog in one easy to find gallery for those who just want to see the recently posted pictures and perhaps skip all of the reading.  The new melded website has a gallery titled "Recent Work", which can be found on the homepage down on the bottom right, or under the "Galleries" tab at the top of the page.  Other than that, it's all pretty much the same!  There is a "Portfolios" tab on the new site featuring my portfolio as well as sub-portfolios categorized by genre.  The "About" page features information about myself as well as how the online store organization and features operate.  The "Blog" tab is still at the top of the page, ready to direct you here at!  Hopefully this new integration of the formerly separate websites will make it easier.  I'm happy to hear feedback and suggestions!  I'm sure the whole thing will undergo a few tweaks here and there as everything gets settled.

So now, whether you type in or, everyone is brought to the same place!  Feel free to poke around and enjoy this wonderful fully functioning portfolio and store website, hosted by the great minds over at Photoshelter!


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