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Newsletter & Photobook Underway!

I've been completing a lot of projects lately, from finalizing the shift to my photoshelter website, adding poster options for a lot of popular images, and onto the next project:  an email newsletter!  I'm happy to announce the planning has been finalized and the next phase of developing my emails and mailing list has begun!  The first newsletter is scheduled to release very soon, the first week of August, and will be the beginning of my regular monthly newsletter.  The newsletter will cover my most recent projects and monthly highlights, upcoming projects and events, and even a feature fine art piece each month.  Stay in touch and get updates about my work (as well as coupons and promotions) directly in your inbox!  More exclusive email list incentives coming soon as well!

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Also soon to be completed and released, is a photobook full of images from the 2012 WSA junior sailing summer season!  Available for pre-order and due out in September, Cli…

Holga Seascapes & Beach

I've had some film sitting in my camera that I keep with me in the car.  It took a while for me to finish a roll.  The finished roll would sit on my desk but one roll wouldn't be worth shipping out to my developer.  It took me a while to finish at least 2 rolls to ship out.  The developer is so great, and they returned the film within a week and a half from the day I shipped it.  But then the America's Cup and Tall Ships came to town and my days were spent shooting!  It took me a while to scan the film.  The film looked wonderful and I'm starting to get the hang of my Holga.  The files got little attention after I scanned them and just sat in my computer.  It took me a while to find time to really take a hard look at my "newly" shot film.  But they finally got a critical eye and some loving editing attention.  And here they are!
These few frames came off a roll of film I shot a few mornings in Matunuck back in May.  A couple of seascapes, a piece of driftwoo…

Lotuses in Bloom

Every summer brings a pleasant little surprise to the residents of North Kingstown.  Along Boston Neck Road is a small little pond.  I'm not talking about the large pond that runs along Annaquatucket and under the road, but it's neighboring little little pond, about 30 feet or so in diameter.  It is full of Lotus flowers and every summer in the high heat they bloom for a very short period of time.  I'm not sure where they came from or who planted them so long ago, but they've become a highly anticipated summer treat!  This year, they bloomed just about at the beginning of July and already all the blossoms have withered, leaving the seed pods exposed.  For those of us who are lucky enough to drive by this small secret spot every day know exactly when they've come to bloom, and every year more and more visitors can be seen on the side of the road stopping on their way to work or back from the beach to take pictures and catch a glimpse of these magnificent flowers.

Back to the Juniors! Visiting WSA

One of the things a lot of younger kids in town look forward to when the last school bell rings for the year, is not just warmer weather and vacation time, but also sailing.  Yacht clubs and groups throughout the bay feature programs designed just for junior sailors.  Ranging from 8 to 18 years old, these kids come to sail, (sometimes swim,) compete, and just have a blast out on the water every summer regardless of their background.  Some come from families with generations of sailors.  Others decided to try out sailing instead of soccer camp.  Some students just thought it sounded like a lot of fun.  
I was a former junior sailor myself, sailing out of Wickford Harbor with the Wickford Sailing Association from the time I was 11 all the way through 18 years old.  I instructed full time as the beginner and intermediate instructor for WSA for four years, at times with a total of about 50 kids on my rosters.  The kids cheered, yelled, cried, complained, inquired, told me they were afraid…

NBYA and Laser Junior Sailors

Summer is in full swing, and so is junior sailing on Narragansett Bay.  Each year, the Narragansett Bay Yachting Association (NBYA) hosts events for junior sailors 18 and under.  Classes include Optimists, Club 420s, and Lasers, with about 12 Laser Radials competing on the bay this year.  Last week was the first of the small series of three races for the Laser competitors, and I was out on the water to capture it all!  Although the breeze started out quite light, the Race Committee made sure to get races off while there was the smallest breath of breeze so at least some racing could get done.  Every kept their fingers crossed for the seabreeze to fill in, and around 2pm it luckily started to pick up to about 10 knots, topping out at about 12 knots by 4ish.  Although this group of sailors seems much quieter and non-agressive compared to my junior sailing days (I'd like to say hi to some of my former laser competitors from back in the day!  Bridget Nannig, Emily Coble, Pete and Gar…

Wed Night Racing - Breezy this time

Finally made it back out on the water again!  After a two week absence due to my busy busy shooting schedule, I finally made it back out for Wednesday Night Racing.  And this time, there was some breeze!  Compared to the very light conditions the past two times I made it to racing, this night had a decent sea breeze, probably about 12 knots at times.  Everyone was bracing for stronger breeze and hectic racing, perhaps sails or rigs blowing up like past years, but instead the breeze died off slowly and made for a quiet afternoon sail with an enjoyable amount of wind.  The fleets got quite separated though, as the spinnaker classes sailed all the way up to the Plum Beach Lighthouse (the starting line is usually off Quonset Point in the middle of West Bay), with the remaining cruising and non-spinnaker classes sailing to set marks and keeping closer to Quonset.  So just about all the pictures from this evening are from Papa's fellow competitors in the cruising class!
For all shots f…

Sail Through Newport Harbor

Over the past couple of month, between watching the Newport to Bermuda start and the AC45s racing for the America's Cup, I've been visiting Newport Harbor an awful lot, both by land and sea.  And of course, I had my camera with me every time!  While I was taking pictures of the races and competitors, I was also snapping away at passing spectators, charters, and day sailers.  I liked a lot of these shots just as much as the regatta photos, and wanted to share them with you all.  
To let everyone know, just about all the boats pictured below are available for charter!  Adirondack II can be booked through Sailing Excursions, Aquidneck through Sight Sailing of Newport, and American Eagle (a 12 Metre with America's Cup history) through America's Cup Charters.  A couple other charter companies I've heard about include 12 Meter Charters and Seascope Yacht Charters.

Be sure to check out my Cruising & Casual Racing section of my Photography Catalog for more images like…