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WYC Cruise: First Stop, Dutch Harbor

At the beginning of August, an annual event took place:  the Wickford Yacht Club Cruise.  This highly anticipated club event is a week long trip taken by WYC members, as we all chug along together, under power, sail, or power-sail, to various locations along the southern New England coast.  In the past, from what my parents have recalled, the cruise took years to leave Narragansett Bay and for quite some time simply cruised around our beautiful local body of water.  Almost as tribute to those years past, and in appreciation for the perhaps closest locations that may often go unnoticed or unappreciated by locals, my family and several others make it a point to visit Dutch Harbor over in Jamestown the first night before truly departing for Cruise.
The Cruise tends to stop at Cuttyhunk as it makes its way either towards the Vineyard and Nantucket, stopping in places like Edgartown.  Or it heads up Buzzard's Bay coming into port in Duxbury and other South Shore locations.  WYC has al…

Wednesday Night Sailing Draws to a Close

We've been pretty lucky all summer with regards to weather.  Overall it's been dry and comfortably warm.  I'm having a hard time recalling any nights it was too hot to get to sleep, or too many days it was blisteringly hot.  We've had strings of thunderstorms, true, but still I would say it's been really dry (as I think back to the wettest summer on record a few years back).
Wednesday Night Racing has continued on, as all other summer events came to an end.  But now, it is also Wed Night Racing's turn to call it a day, or rather, a season.  Here's a collection of photos from the last few nights of sailing I attended!  A steady sea breeze one night, and light air resulting in race abandonment another.  Still great fun, great friends and family, and of course dinners by the water!  Enjoy!
My schedule will be getting considerably lighter compared to June-August, but I will most certainly be shooting on or by the water as the days cool down and winter comes ar…

Junior Race Week Part 2

Day 2 of Race Week witnessed more wind troubles again as NBYA sailed out of Colt State Park in Bristol.  A westerly/north westerly breeze spoiled any chance the sea breeze had of filling.  And although our beloved southerly made a valiant effort to fill around noon time, it was quickly thwarted by that NW breeze.  I joined the Opti Red White and Blue fleets for day 2, and again only one race was sailed on the circle for the entire day!  While we made it off the beach significantly sooner, and the course (windward-leeward instead of a trapezoid) was set by 1:30, this fleet of small sailors made it nearly impossible to get a race off!  With a successful first day that saw three completed races, day 2 saw about six starting sequences and only the one completed race.  Between skewed lines, the race committee blowing some weird horn sequences, general and individual recalls, two starts under an I flag, a brief postponement AND an race abandoned shortly after the start, a race finally got …

Junior Race Week Part 1

The event to signal summer's over and the school year is about to start:  Junior Race Week.  Every year, the junior sailing division of the Narragansett Bay Yachting Assoc. holds it's "junior olympic" event, welcoming all junior sailors from across the entire bay to compete in a (almost) week long event.  This event culminates an entire summer's worth of regattas and competition.  In the end, a winner is named for each class for Race Week, as well as winners for the entire summer season.
This year, Race Week was held in Bristol out of Colt State Park and the Bristol Town Beach.  Organizers try to rotate the location over the years, to be fair to all participants coming from the north end of the bay, the south county locations, Newport, and even the East Passage.  In the past, this event has been held at sites like Fort Adams in Newport, Fort Getty in Jamestown, and Goddard Park in East Greenwich.  Bristol always poses a wind issue.  Being so far north, it will o…

Junior Sailors at Summer's End

Since when was it mid August??  Well the end is in sight.  I don't know whether you're happy about it or not.  I know I'll miss the warm weather, beach days, and summer nights!  And another season of WSA Junior Sailing is in the books.  I accomplished my goal of visiting every class held by Wickford Sailing at least once, but I do not think I managed to get shots of every student.  That can be extra difficult with students on vacations, missing classes, rain and light air, capsizes and squalls, etc.  But it was fun visiting my former place of work, seeing friends and former students, and of course getting out on the water!
Here's a few shots from the last couple of classes I visited, mainly beginners and the racing team.  A lot of parents have expressed appreciation for my efforts and I want to let everyone know I fully intend on visiting again next summer!
But before 2013 rolls around, there's just one more junior sailing event I will be covering:  NBYA Junior Ra…

Late Summer Sailing, Lots of Smiles

It's getting late in the season but there's definitely plenty of enthusiasm to still go around!  We had another terrific day with a steady breeze for the evening, and the air is definitely starting to get cooler as autumn swiftly approaches.  It was another exciting night with hairpin turns and crowded mark roundings.  Papa placed in the back of the fleet, but that could have been caused by the large 11 person crew we had onboard!  Either way, it was a very fun night and I have some great shots to share as a result!
As always, be sure to check out the WYC Wed Night Racing 2012 Viewing Gallery for all the photos from the night and to purchase any imagery!
How I got these shots:  Nikon D700, 70-200mm VRII

Wickford Harbor at Dusk

Summer in Rhode Island.  Any Rhode Islander will most likely tell you it's one of the best things about living in the smallest state.  We're lucky enough to have some the most coastline considering our overall size, and not an inch of it is spared in the hot and steamy months of summer.  Not only are there beautiful beaches, but also dozens of picturesque harbors, coves and inlets.  Wickford Harbor is witness to plenty of gorgeous skies and dazzling sunsets throughout the summer, and one night during dinner I saw the light outside and grabbed my camera before it was all gone!  I also seized the opportunity to use my new Tiffen Neutral Density filter to soften the water and create some great long exposures.  Enjoy!
How I got these shots:  Nikon D700, 16-35mm VRII

Opti Racers

I've been making return trips to take pictures at Wickford Sailing Association, to cover at least every class once and hopefully capture at least a few images of each student.  Recently I made the trip to see the Opti Racing class, which has a special place in my heart since every single one of these racers below was a student of mine at the beginning level.  It's terrific to see them older and more excited about sailing!  They've all improved leaps and bounds from the days I was their instructor, and I'm so proud of all of them!  Several students in this class are currently sailing in Opti regattas throughout the country, from Massachusetts to Ohio.  Many of the students I took pictures of recently are brand new to Opti Racing, competing in Opti Green Fleet for NBYA events throughout the bay.  It was a terrific day, great breeze for them, great lighting for me, and lots of fun and smiles!
All shots from the day can be found in the WSA Junior Sailing 2012 Viewing Gall…