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Classic Yacht Regatta

I don't know about you but I love classic yachts.  There's something about them that's so charming, captivating, and alluring.  Maybe it's the extra coats of varnish, canvas sails, sleek lines...  Whatever it is, I haven't seen enough of them in my years of coastal living.  So this year, as the annual Museum of Yachting Classic Yacht Regatta came around, I made it a point to make it out on the water for at least some of the racing!  From what I hear, it was a light air regatta as classic boats ranging in size from Herreshoff 12 1/2s, to 12 Metres, and some 60 footers (or more) took to the water and sailed around Newport Harbor for two days of racing.
It was also a gorgeous day out, one of those last truly warm days before the cooler autumn air made it's way through.  I was very happy I caught a few glimpses of these magnificent boats, and only hope to see more of them through the years!  All images from the event are available on my website under the MoY Class…

On the way Home

So the cruise was drawing to a close, and I was having a hard time believing a whole week had passed.  We woke up with the sun to leave Block Island, and luckily the fog had lifted for the most part as we made our way up the Bay.  The sun even started poking through as we approached the Jamestown Bridge!  There was a big thunderstorm in the forecast so we were pressed to get home around noon time to beat the storm.
As we were approaching Wickford Harbor, we noticed several boats all heading the opposite direction, and I took a few shots.  Looks like it was Larchmont Yacht Club out of New York on a cruise of their own!
Well, we made it to dock and unloaded the entire boat, made it home, unpacked the whole car, and THEN it started to rain.  We got lucky, and it was a heavy thunderstorm.  I'm sure the WYC members who left Block Island a bit later than us were having a wet sail back. 
Anyway, it was a terrific day on the water and a great way to end an awesome weekend cruising up and…

Last Stop: Block Island

Sail with me on the Block Island Ferry...  Well we didn't take the ferry, but we certainly sailed!  It was such a nice break to sail instead of motor.  Listening to the lapping of gentle waves against the hull instead of the obnoxious humming of a motor.  The trip from Mystic to Block Island was the longest leg, and we couldn't sail for the entire time since the breeze was light and we had to make it there within a reasonable time frame.  But it was a very gentle day out on the water, and it was nice to be free of the seemingly overcrowded stretch of water between Fisher's Island and the Connecticut coast.  I spent most of this time experimenting with long exposures over the side of the boat, aiming to capture the boat sharp and in focus, while leaving the water rushing by soft and blurred from motion.  (Look below for a successul shot!)
When we got to Block Island, however, it was back to reality as we came to our senses about Block Island summer tourism.  There was barel…

Second Day in Mystic

Day two in Mystic was just as enjoyable as day one!  My boyfriend and I spent a good part of the day walking around the seaport and checking out what the museum had to offer, including the figureheads gallery, the Charles Morgan Restoration project, the junior sailing program, the old fishing vessels, not to mention the awesome Rosenfeld Collection.  One of the premier nautical photographers, Rosenfeld photographed boats and nautical activity back at the turn of the 20th century.  The images are fantastic darkroom prints.  That's right, he shot it on film, and large format too!  It was absolutely awe-inspiring work.
After going for a windsurf and swim (my third windsurfing lesson!), I took my camera around the seaport at dusk to get some great images in the golden evening light.  And I went back out again after dinner for some nighttime photography.  It was great to capture the stars and constellations next to such historic vessels!  
I think some of my favorite photos came from …

Old Mystic Seaport

The highlight of the cruise was definitely Mystic.  We stopped here after Stonington, making the oh so excruciatingly long hour and a half or so trip from Stonington to the Mystic River.  Ok, it was probably the shortest leg of the trip, but the tricky part was making it UP the river to the Old Mystic Seaport, which was hosting us overnight at the Maritime Museum docks.  I guess they only let a certain number of boats through the drawbridges at certain times every hour, so everyone was scrambling to get up the river at the same time.  We made it to the docks with several other early bird WYC boats.
Staying in Mystic was definitely one of my favorite stops!  There was some wind when we first got there so Lyle went windsurfing while I walked around the seaport to check out some attractions.  The photos included below are mostly from that first walk around the seaport.  I decided to walk around with my 50mm Nikkor prime, and I absolutely loved it!  I had bought this lens at the end of l…

Second Port of Call: Stonington

Well we weren't able to avoid the fog.  We motored all morning from Galilee to Stonington.  We had high hopes of the fog lifting, but of course it didn't until we were secured to a mooring.  It was a quiet day in Stonington harbor, mostly spent swimming off the boat and cruising around in the dinghy for a little harbor tour!  In the evening, we made it onto land for a terrific shower and some ice cream.  We walked through town and found that Stonington was possibly a quieter town than Wickford!
We stayed two days and nights in Stonington (two very quiet and long days and nights if you ask me).  Day two we went to land for dinner at a terrific little mexican restaurant downtown called Milagro's.  And we battened down the hatches for a wicked summer storm that rolled through southern New England, causing flash flooding in New Haven.  We braced for the worst, watched the lightning, and were luckily spared the full force of the storm and actually didn't get rained on much…

Harbor of Refuge

So this part of the Cruise has an interesting story attached... and I'm not sure if I should call this the Second Port of Call?  It wasn't on the itinerary, more of an emergency stop...
Well anyway, after waking up at the crack of dawn from Dutch Harbor, we set off out of Narragansett Bay and turned West towards our next scheduled stop:  Stonington, CT.  The fog was some of the thickest I had seen in a while, definitely the epitome of "New England Pea Soup".  It was barely noon and we were barely past Point Judith.  There was no breeze, and no hint of the fog letting up at all.  We were traveling in tandem with another WYC cruiser, who was relying on our radar for safe passage through the fog.  Everyone in the cockpit was on alert for sights and sounds from nearby vessels.  It was surprisingly busy with sportsfishers and commercial fishing boats despite the extremely heavy fog. We made the decision to turn into the Harbor of Refuge at Galilee to wait until the fog l…