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Early Morning Sachuest

Fall and winter are my seasons for shooting landscapes and seascapes.  This means rising before the sun the catch those brilliant sunrises, heading out during storms to see some wicked weather, and timing it just right to catch sunsets and vibrantly illuminated clouds.  I've given myself the task of shooting scapes about once a week for the next couple of months.  My first stop:  Sachuest Point and Beach over in Middletown.  Although I didn't plan properly to catch the sunrise and predawn light, I went over to Second Beach for the early morning.  It was a gorgeous day with a slight chill and fog in the air, but I was pretty happy with my first morning assignment for the season!  I hope you enjoy these shots as well!


The off season brings opportunities for clear waters, clear haze free skies, and low light scenis shooting.  As I get into my full swing for off season seascape shooting, I thought I'd share some of my panoramics from last year!  These are my favorite seascapes dating from last October-December, and I'm sure you'll recognize some beloved Rhode Island landmarks like Beavertail and the Narragansett Towers.  I love these shots so much they've all become Limited Edition Fine Art pieces (available as Limited Edition Posters too).  I hope this season can produce as many terrific seascapes as last year!  I'll keep you posted as I go shooting when the light, weather, sun and tides are all perfectly aligned and I can produce those terrific coastal landscapes images.

Hurricane Nadine

We've had some interesting warm wet weather lately, then some more storms rolled through.  As I was going through some images I had set aside to edit, I found some dusk shots I took during Hurricane Nadine.  Just something quick before it was too dark out.  But I thought I'd share as we all enjoy this wet autumn that's happening!  I do love seeing a storm roll through.
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Surfing Nadine at Point Judith

Hurricane Nadine came to town!  And although she didn't leave too too much rain, she passed some heavy breezes, overcast skies, and storm swell our way while she churned offshore.  I headed over to Point Judith again to get shots of the waves and surfers.  I'm starting to get much more comfortable with my new Nikon TC-20e III teleconverter, both during shooting and editing.  I went to Point Judith early in the morning while the surf was highest, but the sky was gray and cold so many of the shots emote the same feelings of gray stormy chills.  I was in the area later in the day as well so I swung through for any of the sunset sesh surfers.  
For my second visit the skies had cleared and the sun kept everything seasonally warm and golden!  I didn't have too much light, but I started to play around with motion blur and panning.  This can be a tricky technique, used to keep an action subject sharp and create a motion blur around them.  The trick is to find a slightly slower s…

Summer Holgas

I shot several rolls of film between May and August this summer, and I have to say I was pretty happy with the results!  Anyone who has read previous posts may remember I wanted to put the mask back in my Holga to prevent too much light leak and lens flare.  Although it was pretty cool and lo-fi at times, I wasn't 100% thrilled with the effect, especially when using color film which just resulted in red blotches.
Anyway, when I got a chance to actually sit down and scan the film, here's what I got!  I think I prefer this color film to the black and white I've been using with my Holga, which was coming out a little too flat for my taste.  Since I get everything processed at a lab where I have no input about the developing, I guess I'll have to do some experimenting with different films until I find a favorable black and white result.
The first three photos below I captured while on the WYC Cruise, and the last image is from a day at Green Hill down in South Kingstown.

Isaac & Leslie Storm Swell

It was about the 1 year anniversary of Hurricane Irene, and after some talk of another storm reaching New England, we didn't get any real stormy weather but we did get the first storm swell of the season!  Surfers took to the water as Hurricane Isaace and Leslie kicked up some surf early September.  I went down to Narragansett Beach for the remnants of Isaac's swell, and then to Point Judith Lighthouse to see the dozens of surfers out for Leslie.  Leslie kicked up chest high swell at PJ, and the lineup was pretty crowded with longboarders and shortboarders alike.
(I even went out in Matunuck to practice my own surfing skills a couple days later as the waves reached a Cate-friendlier height!)
I also had a new piece of equipment to test out!  I recently purchased a Nikon teleconverter, specifically the TC-20e III, also known as the 2.0x (200%) Nikon Teleconverter, third generation.  By adding this little piece of equipment, my 70-200mm lens effectively becomes a 140-400mm lens!…