I've been thinking about producing a new photobook for a few months now.  I've been very happy with some of the work produced this summer and my new seascapes, and I really wanted to incorporate them into an approachable medium before the year was out.  The answer:  a softcover photobook offering over 20 pages of wonderful photography in an non-intimidating and nicely portable 7x7" medium.  I put together a collection of my favoriate images, about 75% from this year alone, and Oceanview was born!  I also wanted to incorporate some quotes I've found throughout the years that have deeply inspired me or forced a deeper reflection upon myself, my work and my subject matter.  I've included quotes from notable photographers and minds such as E.E. Cummings, Dorothea Lange, and even John F. Kennedy.

I wanted to keep the book small and approachable, starting with a 7x7" softcover reasonably priced at $23.36 ($25 after RI sales tax for any of you here in state!).  But I have also made hardcover versions available for $37.38, and $42.06 for the nice linen cover dust jacket version.  My plans are to expand this book further, tacking on pages and new work, and perhaps producing a very nice 12x12" hardcover edition in the upcoming years.  If you're interested in a copy of the book, you can directly order your copy with choice of softcover, hardcover, or dust jacket hardcover through my Blurb Bookstore!  I will also be keeping softcover inventory available through me at my Etsy Shop.  Look below for an exclusive preview!


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