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Foggy Point Judith - Black & White Conversion

Fifty degree weather in the middle of January tends to lead to foggy situations.  I decided to venture out early one morning to see if I could catch some sea smoke with a great sunrise, but instead I was greeted with the thickest fog I had seen in quite a long time.  I went all the way down to Point Judith's Fisherman's Memorial Park where I knew I could capture some foggy seascapes.  A large boulder sits right at the beach and with the water rising for high tide I set up quickly to capture my preconceived photograph before the boulder was too far away for the composition I wanted!
Here is the result, and I knew right away while shooting that this would look stellar as a black and white.  Sometimes, despite knowing in my mind I want to convert an image to black and white, the initial reaction of seeing it in color can be very alluring.  But I stuck to my guns and did the black and white conversion using Nik Silver Efex Pro software, which has great target control tools compar…

Stormy Green Hill

Another trip to Green Hill.  I really like this spot along the RI coast, especially when it is void of it's summer inhabitants.  The surf was up but so was the wind and the clouds!  It was a chilly winter storm and I didn't know what I would get with regard to seascapes.  I went with zero preconceived ideas or expectations, just hoping the scenery would guide my creativity.  I first thought to walk west along the beach but ended up walking east instead.  I looked around for Sandy debris to photograph but came to the rocks as usual.  I don't know what it is about rocks, the primeval honesty of them, but they always make great photography subjects.
For anyone who has seen my Green Hill photography before might recognize some of the mineral bands in this rock in particular!  It was the main subject in a sunset seascape shoot which illuminated most of the rocks a brilliant shade of green.  This time, I decided on a closer composition than usual, making the rock more of my foc…

South County Surf & Seascapes

So there was this day in December just before Christmas when it was blowing about 40 knots and the clouds were trying to decide whether they wanted to snow or not.  And I went out shooting!  First it was to this little spot along Route 1A for some of the surf.  The surf was up to about 5+ with a nice offshore breeze but a lot of the usual places were pretty crowded, so a few friends of mine used their local knowledge to locate one of the more obscure locations for a nice private session.  It was pretty cold out but I nestled behind a rock to block some of the wind and using my 70-200mm with 2x teleconverter I got some great shots of the water, waves and surfers!
Then I decided to make two shoots out of this one afternoon outing.  I climbed in the car and drove 2 minutes down the road to a little park near Point Judith Lighthouse which faced more west.  I worked on my seascapes as the wind picked up, gusting to 60 knots at times and definitely freezing off my face.   I waited for the …

Green Hill Beach

It was a crisp winter day, one of those days that feel warm when you face the sun, making the weather quite tolerable.  The surf was up so it was time to head to the southern coast to see what my camera might capture.  It was a slightly overcast day with little to no breeze.  The air didn't bite my fingers off while I went glove-less screwing filters onto my lens.  
This was my first trip down to the southern coast after Hurricane Sandy, and the beach club for Green Hill stood teetering on its ruins.  Bare cement pillars supporting the upper floors, exposed insulation and wreckage, a toilet sitting in a corner that I'm assuming was once installed in the first floor/basement.  
But I turned to look out towards the water instead, where the sun was warm.   I took several shots that afternoon as the sun was setting, finding some rocks that reflected green light from the sun and the clear winter waters.  It was a successful shoot, and as usual I returned to the car with my feet, s…

Newport in the Night

It started out as quite the wet winter.  Other places were seeing snow but it took everyone south of East Greenwich a long time to find it.  We did have some serious fog in early December, and I was heading back over the bridges from Newport when I decided to stop and take a chance for some night photography.  It was one of those heavy mists where it's wetter than a usual fog but not quite raining.  I had to climb across some wet rocks in the dark, as usual, but I came to a vantage point of the bridge I hadn't visited in about a year.  I set up my tripod and was shooting away happily for about 10 minutes before it actually started to rain.  I was already cold and freezing so I didn't want to add wet to the list that night.  I had only taken about 20 frames but decided to pack up my gear anyway. 

However, after reviewing the images on the computer it seemed at least one of those 20 frames paid off!  A container ship was passing through while I was shooting and I'm actua…

Village Faire

Great News!  I am now part of the artist cooperative "Village Faire" located at 83 Brown Street in Wickford!  This great little shop is located on the wharf behind Beach Rose Café where the Midnight Sun used to be.  (For fellow Midnight Sun fans, no worries!  They simply relocated to Main Street!)  There are 20+ local artists and artisans participating, and the members list keeps changing and expanding.  A large portion of participants come to us courtesy of the Shady Lea Mill, which houses studios for dozens artists and crafters in a historic complex.  Among the art items at Village Faire are illustrators and painters such as my old teach Mr. Paine, and some handmade pottery items.  Some of my favorite pieces are handmade jewelry featuring local sea glass and genuine pearls.  Lots of antiques and vintage items, some great books, Rhode Island Spa Products, sea shell ornaments, cast bronze home décor... the list goes on and on!
I will be featuring some fine art pieces plus s…

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Happy New Year everyone!  2012 is in the books and today we greet 2013!  After a year of triumphs, heartache, achievement, and tragedy, we're all looking ahead at the year to come.  But first, I wanted to take a look back.  Just before we turned towards the new year, I took a look back at my images from 2011 to see how much I had grown as a photographer.  I looked at new photos from Wednesday Racing compared to old, my fine art and my film, and then I came across the WSA junior sailing photos from 2011.  The kids are bigger now but I still recognized many familiar faces.  But what stood out so distinctly was the editing style!  
Throughout the year I've become more and more savvy with Lightroom, fine tuning my own presets and further developing my editing style.  After admiring images from fellow marine photographers, I've never restricted myself to my genre and always look for inspiration from incredible photographers in other fields like Nick Brandt, Joni Sternbach, Dar…