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Nemo, Meet Lensbaby

We were spoiled with our unseasonably warm January.  Mother Nature decided to greet New England and the coastal communities with a historic blizzard for February instead!  With record breaking snowfall in some areas, and hurricane force winds at times, Rhode Island saw about 2 feet of snow in most places!  I don't remember having this much snow on the ground since I was a little kid and 1 foot of accumulation would be knee high, and mounds of snow from the plows became igloo forts.  We were lucky to have some warm sun the morning after "Nemo", but then the temperature plummeted to about 14 degrees after sundown.  It was a rough couple of days, with almost 200,000 National Grid customers out of power in the state of RI alone.  Most places went without power for 24 hours, some not seeing their power restored until three days later!
But that first morning as we awoke from a night of howling winds, pelting snow and thunderless lightning, the skies were calm and the world wa…

Seawall Surf for 2013

Yay, surf!  It was the first big surf of 2013 and I'm sure the surfers were happier about it than I was.  The 1,000 mile long storm at the end of January stretched from Florida to New England.  As warm spring collided with cold winter, tornadoes arrived in Georgia and swell came to RI.  It was 6-8' from the southwest with a strong west southwest breeze.  Watching the forecast all week it looked like the day might be a blowout with winds above 30 knots.  But I went down to Narragansett in the morning anyway and it turned out to be a brilliant day by the water!  The sun was out, it was 50 degrees, the breeze was strong and the surf was high.  Hoards of surfers were in the water from the seawall along Ocean Drive down to Monahan's Dock, and even at Little Rincon. 
I had my long lens out, 70-200mm, plus my 2x teleconverter.  Sitting on the seawall I got some great shots of the surfers, plus some really interesting ones looking further south towards Monahan's.  This second…

Green Hill #3 and a New Lens

Green Hill.  A stretch of Rhode Island beach along the southern shores crowded with empty summer condos and beach houses.  This little spot will have surf every now and again, and on a clear day you can see Block Island on the horizon.  It's nice to have a place of solitude, but this visit was on one of our unseasonably warm days, about 50 degrees in the middle of January.  I wasn't alone as there were a few others beach combing and walking their dogs.  I didn't mind though.

It was time for something new!  Usually I take my pictures at lower than eye level, about 2 feet from the ground.  Sometimes to get the angle I want I have to stick part of the tripod straight down into the sand.  I know my tripod has the capability for the center post to be removed and put back on so the camera would be hanging downward between the tripod legs.  It was a calm enough day, not too much swell to speak of, so if there was a time to try and get my camera as close to the water's surface…