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Winter Erosion

Another trip to Green Hill, except this time my jaw dropped when I came over the sand dune to see the beach.  Everything was eroded.  I know winter erosion happens, sands shift, and beaches become steep, but I was here a month or so ago and it didn't look anything like this!  The sloping beach was replaced by a steep decline.  Waves were no longer breaking parallel to the beach but at all sorts of odd angles, indicating shelves and deposits of sand under the surface.  All sorts of new rocks were exposed, and I took my time walking the beach as the sun sank lower in the sky.
Here's some more long exposure photography from late in the day.  Enjoy!

Moonrise and Sunrise

I recently attended a seminar by photographer Jennifer Wu, landscape and astral photographer from Sacramento.  And I was inspired!  I have always admired night photography, and with my new found comfort with long exposure I figured now is as good a time as any to go and give it a whirl.  I had tried casually a couple times before, but this time I did my research about the moonrise, the weather, sunrise... and I headed out to Hazard Rock in Narragansett.  
I arrived around 4:30am, just when the crescent moon would be breaking the horizon.  It was a nice clear night but I had only had until 6:07 before the sun would rise as well.  It was awfully windy and there was some serious surf going on.  High tide, plus near a new moon, plus the spring equinox approaching, plus high surf from a passing storm meant I had few options about where to stand and approach the rocks I wanted to silhouette.  So I had to stand just at the line where grass and beach rose bushes became rocky shore, and I wen…

Just in Time

The day had gotten away from me.  I had the whole thing timed out about when to finish up work, run some errands, and make it to Narragansett for some dusk long exposure photography.  But the day got away and before I knew it the sun was sinking lower in the sky.  I was on my way home but luckily I still had my camera with me, so with one eye on the road and the other eye on the setting sun, I headed for North Kingstown Town Beach, the nearest piece of accesible coastline.  It was 5:30 and sunset was at 5:34.  I made it to the parking lot at 5:32 and grabbed my camera and tripod, not even giving myself time to put on gloves for the cold air.
I set up and took one frame.  My filter was on sideways.  I adjusted and took another frame.  The horizon was still crooked and the composition didn't have enough sky.  I shot another frame.  The pink hues in the clouds were evaporating before my eyes.  I took a few more frames just to be sure.  I only captured 10 shots before the pink light …

Long Exposure in Wickford

February has been such a dreary month, between three snowstorms in a row (all hitting on weekends) and incessant overcast and gray skies, I think it's fair to say there are plenty of people who are getting cabin fever.  As we waited for warmer spring weather to roll in, I was caught up in multiple projects.  Of course none of them involved shooting and before I knew it, it had been about 2 weeks since I was behind the camera.
But the other day I finally found a moment when my time and motivation were aligned.  I grabbed my camera kit and headed out the door for some dusk long exposures in Wickford.  Nothing too special, but just something to get me out there shooting!
Relief!  I finally felt productive for once, and some of those winter blues seemed to melt away once I had that camera in hand!  I came back with just a few shots from the docks, plus one of the Hussy Bridge, and of course when I was editing all the colors popped so much more than I had expected.  Long exposure seem…