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Seawall at Seventy

So there was this day when it hit 70 degrees and sunny in the middle of April.  I hope everyone got outside that day because it was absolutely gorgeous out and melted away every single memory of the winter blues!  I headed straight for the beach in the afternoon and of course I brought my camera with me.  It wasn't going to be a typical beach day but a photoshoot day, and I located myself amongst rocks instead of sand.  There is an outcropping of rocks near the seawall on Ocean Road in Narragansett that I had never really explored before.  The tide was its high point so I knew I wouldn't get stranded on the rocks, and decided to climb over and see if there was anything that piqued my interest photographically.  
There were some old pillons set in the rocks, perhaps 4 or 5 pairs lined up, which I can only imagine was part of the Narragansett Pier and boardwalk at the turn of the century.  (For some more background, read my previous Old Narragansett Pier blog post.)  I couldn&#…

NK vs. Prout Regatta

I've been looking forward to getting out on the water now that winter has moved on.  Of course, the first day I do get out the weather was much more winter-like than spring-like!  About 45 degrees but a very cold westerly wind made for a chilly day.  I went out with the North Kingstown High School Sailing Team for a home regatta against Prout.  It was a team race, 3 vs. 3, and NK came out on top!  With gusts rolling through it was a breezy day for the sailors (as my last image attests to!) but it was great to see some familiar faces and get some sailing shots.  
These were captured from the finish boat with my long 70-200mm lens and 2x teleconverter.  Took my new D600 out for its first run with action photography, and it performed perfectly!
All photos are up at  Sailors, friends and family are welcome to purchase Personal Prints and Personal Downloads from the regatta Viewing Gallery.  Any questions, please feel free to ask!

Qeba #2: Cloudy Dusk

So I loved shooting at Qeba so much (Quonnies East Beach in Charlestown) that I returned for a second day in a row to catch another sunset!  Everything was just perfect, once again.  A beautiful blue sky with clouds overhead that I could expect to be underlit as the sun sank.  A clear horizon to allow light for the setting sun!  Somewhat calm waters that wouldn't threaten my life, and wonderfully exposed rocks to focus on.  
I moved away from the large boulder that was the center of my photography the previous day and worked on some of the smaller rocks nearby.  I had several compositions (all can be seen at but these three are some of my favorite, with the second shot being one of my absolutely favorites from this year so far!  
Although the clouds didn't quite light up as brilliant and pink as I was hoping, it was still a beautiful evening and a terrifically successful shoot!  Hope everyone else is in as much love with these shots as I am!
See all th…

Qeba #1: Moonrise

It was one of those days that just worked out perfectly.  I finished my work early.  I took a look at the tide charts, the weather forecast, and the lunar calendar.  Everything aligned just right for a sunset/moonrise shoot with a slack tide.  So I made my way down to Charlestown Quononchotaug Beach, QEBA actually (Quonnie East Beach Assoc) where there was easy access to a quiet beach and some great low lying rocks.  
I set up for a seascape shoot featuring the large boulder that dominated the landscape.  The clouds moved out as the sun sank lower.  I gradually recomposed as the sun set and moon rose.  Shot number three is probably my favorite with light pastels, calm water, and a moon just visible above the clouds on the horizon.  
I was so happy with the results from this shoot I returned the next day for more!  You'll have to wait for the next blog post to see those!  
Images available as Fine Art Prints over at

Rome Point Revisited

I haven't been to Rome Point in quite a while.  I actually think my last photographic visit was several years ago when I went shooting for my Large Format Photography class.
This was one of the first really nice warm days of spring and I was so happy to get outside and enjoy the sun and warm air!  I managed to finish up all my other tasks for the day and pack up my camera bag about an hour and a half before sunset.  I strolled down the trail to the beach and walked along until  I found something inspiring.  I came to a cluster of rocks at the southern end of the beach and decided to shoot these in the nice golden light and calm waters.  
It was my first shoot with my new D600 camera!  The low 100 ISO made for some nice long exposures while it was still light out, but I didn't have the proper cable release yet!  Apparently it has a different release connection than my D700, so I had to use the timer instead.  With a 2 second delay the camera worked just fine without a cable or …

From the Archives: Plum Beach Lighthouse

I was doing some work in my archives and image catalogs, and I came across some great shots from a day out on the water last summer.  I was heading back from the South County 12 Meter Regatta off of Narragansett Beach in late summer and snapped a couple of shots of Plum Beach Light!  
I remember when Friends of Plum Beach Lighthouse started fundraising to give this light a facelift in 2003.  Details of the renovations can be read here.  It was in dire need of repair, and soon many North Kingstown-ers and other Rhode Islanders raised enough money to restore this lighthouse to it's full beauty!  You can spot these supporters driving around the state with their Plum Beach Light license plates.  For being such a beloved local light, I have very few image of it but I was happy to edit and add these two to my Photography Catalog.
So now if there are any Friends of Plum Beach Light out there looking for fine art prints, look no further!  Custom Orders are always available.