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Wickford Regatta: Alpha

I was recently invited to photograph the Wickford Regatta during two days in May, a one-design regatta hosted by Wickford Yacht Club out on Narragansett Bay.  Competitors were divided into two circles, Alpha and Bravo, and I spent most of my time on the first day with the Alpha boats.  These included Club 420s, International 420s, and the largest class, the Lasers!
Wickford Regatta was first held in 1972 and was one of the first Laser events in the world!  It was a well attended event in the '70s as more classes were added, but the event went dormant before being revived in 2009.  This is now an annual event, the season opener for many sailors, hosts 420s, Lasers, Vipers, 505s, and F-18 catamarans.  J/70s were slated to be competing but with last minute pull-outs they will just have to wait until next year.
We lucked out with beautiful weather both days and decent breeze for the sailors.  In typical New England fashion, it went from sunny and sweaty at the Town Beach (where compe…

Sailing Practice with NK

NK Sailing has been getting a lot of attention lately!  The high school sailing team qualified for Nationals this year for the first time in team history!  In my day the team had come close but this time these sailors actually got the chance to fly across the country for the ISSA High School Double Handed Championship in Chicago!  After several days of racing in seriously heavy air, they ended up finishing 16 out of 20 but they had some great top 5 finishes in there.
But before all the hype I visited the team for a practice day in early May.  It was sunny and warm out and just about everyone was in attendance for a terrific practice.  Even Lyle, team alum and former sailing instructor for the majority of these students, hopped in a 420 for some practice races!
More can be found in the Viewing Gallery, where images can be purchased by sailors and family.  Enjoy!

Rhode Island for Tax Free Art

Rhode Island is host to a wealth of arts and culture.  In 2012, Travel + Leisure's America's Favorite Cities Survey named Providence #15 overall in the country for Culture.  ArtPlace ranked Providence among 33 top art cities across the nation as part of their "America's Top ArtPlaces 2013".  With one of the best art schools, Rhode Island School of Design, and big cultural events such as WaterFire, it is no surprise that Rhode Island Legislation made the move to become the first state to offer Tax Free Art.  
In 1998, tax incentives for artists were passed and applied to specific "districts" which now include nine RI communities:  Providence, Pawtucket, Westerly, Woonsocket, Tiverton, Little Compton, Newport, Warwick and Warren.  As the General Assembly stated, this move "would promote economic development, revitalization, tourism, employment opportunities, and encourage business development by providing alternative commercial enterprises," (§…

Low Tide at King's Beach

I've been on the hunt for some new areas for seascape photography, particularly textural scenes or tidepools.  After hearing about King's Beach over by Brenton Point in Newport, I decided to give it a try!  On a last minute decision just in time for sunset I headed over the bridge to find these intensely green covered rocks sitting in a sea of brown seaweed.  Yes, they were actually this color!  I snapped a few shots just as the sun sank below the horizon and the tide started to fill back in.  Luckily the water wasn't too active otherwise my camera, about 6 inches from water level, would have certainly been swallowed up!  After taking a couple dozen shots I was able to make my way back to the sandy shore, slipping and sliding on the ooey gooey seaweed as I went.  It was a very peaceful evening and some very interesting images as a result!  
I love exploring these different coastal environments and bringing otherwise ignored parts of the sea into the forefront.  Between th…

Magnolias in Bloom

We are well into warmer weather now, and I'm very thankful!  But a few weeks ago as the warm weather made its first appearance, so did the Magnolias.  These beautiful flowering trees, one of my favorites, are the first sign of spring for a lot of people.  They bloom while other trees are just budding and before the cherry blossoms are in full swing.
There is a beautiful old magnolia tree in historic Wickford Village that I love to visit in springtime!  Here are some shots of that very same tree in the afternoon light.  And it's lucky I visited when I did because by the end of the week we had several days of strong winds which stripped a lot of petals.   
Prints available at!

Wet and Wild, First Signs of Spring

Things went from cold and below 40 to sunny and above 60 in no time.  But for a few days in between we had a little bit of gentle April rain to bring us into the season.  One afternoon in particular as the trees started to bud and spring made it's appearance there was a visitor in the maple tree out back!  I don't know if it's a hawk or a falcon, perhaps you could tell me!, but there was a gorgeous young bird sitting quietly in the rain.  I snapped a few shots through the screen in the window but by the time I moved to a screen-less location the bird had gone.  It was still a wonderful sighting and gorgeous bird, so I wanted to share!

More High School Sailing, NK vs. Rogers

Well the second day out on the water was much better than the first.  When it was cold and blowing 20 a couple weeks ago, the day I went out with the North Kingstown High School Sailing Team for their regatta against Rogers Academy was one of those first true days of spring.  The sun was shining, the smell of fresh rain and budding trees was in the air, and you almost didn't think you needed a jacket (although any good sailor will tell you to bring it anyway).  
Where the regatta against Prout was a lighthearted afternoon of racing resulting in a 3-0 record for NK, this regatta turned into quite the nail biter!  Rogers won the first race with a 1-2-6, bringing attitude and determination to the race course.  NK regrouped and responded with a phenomenal 1-2-3 to let Rogers know they weren't messing around!  The third race was a close one, with NK squeezing out a 1-2 win, but the fourth race went to Rogers with their own 1-2.  
So now it came down to the last race, the decider i…