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Beginning a Life under Sail

It all begins here kids!  This is the summer when you get to connect nature with fun, water with sport, wind with movement, and summer with sailing!  You know, sailing just started as a way to get from one place to another, to see new lands and perhaps trade exotic goods.  But it is more than just that!  
It's about sportsmanship, integrity, fun and games (of course), and a bit of self-reliance.  It's about conquering fears and exploring your own boundaries, pushing your own limits.  Learning more, letting it be fun, and becoming better sailors and people in the meantime.  
Yes, it can be scary and daunting, and yes it can conflict with your gymnastics and baseball practice, but I guarantee that it's worth it.  All you have to do is keep trying, keep smiling, and above all, keep sailing!  Kids, you can keep sailing for the rest of your life.  That is, if you want to.  (And I promise, it's worth wanting to!)

Newport Regatta

The Newport Regatta is a premiere One-Design event hosted out of Sail Newport that has been going on for as long as I can remember.  I can recall sailing 420s as a young junior sailor, or competing in the Laser fleet with 4.7 and Radial rigs.  It was one of those awesome events that everyone looked forward to and everyone had fun at!  Not another one of those junior sailing events, but one where you could be sailing against someone could be 14 or 40.
This year I wasn't competing, I was shooting!  There were an incredible 5 divisions covering everything from the classic 12 Metres to Swan 42s, Stars and 505s, to performance catamarans like the F-18 all the way down to the Laser, Sunfish and Byte CII dinghies.  It was a spectacular sight with race circles spread all across the East Passage from north of Gould Island to two miles offshore of Brenton Reef. 
Saturday of racing saw just about no breeze whatsoever, with cool dense fog struggling against a hot sun, the seabreeze just neve…

Junior Joint Practices

I always loved traveling during the junior sailing season.  Fleet racing on the bay had it's perks but when you travelled to that other sailing program to see friends from High School that you don't see during the summer, and you team race them (and you beat them!), well that's got it's perks too.  
There's a lot of fun to be had with inter-program competition, but team racing has been phased out of the junior summer sailing schedule for Narragansett Bay.  Luckily, WSA and GBSA have seemed to fill the gap with a joint practice!  It wasn't too formal but it gave the kids an opportunity to see other sailors on the bay, make a few friends, and hopefully do it all over again in a week or so.
Hopefully this joint practice will happen again soon (and show a few pictures of the fun)!  More at

First Visits to Junior Sailing

Juniors are the next generation of sailors.  I think this is an easily forgotten fact when noisy kids are running through your quiet yacht club, sails aren't rolled properly, or youngsters start throwing fits over capsizing. But it's our job to teach them how to roll those sails and that capsizing isn't the end of the world. They will soon be the shepherds of sailing's future and we are here to instruct and encourage them to enjoy the sport we all love so much.
This is why I enjoy shooting the junior sailors more than just about anything else, because they have such an untarnished love for the sport, but it can only grow if fostered correctly.  Smiles and excitement all around!  I usually return to my alma mater sailing program in the summer to shoot the juniors, and I'm always so glad I do!  My first visits were for the Intermediate class, Intro to 420s and Beginners.  And there was no lack of enthusiasm in sight.

More photos are up on my website and are availa…

Wednesday Races 5 & 6

Between a heat wave and week of rain, races 5 and 6 proved to be fair weather and not so fair weather for our Wednesday Night Races.

Race 5 saw a bunch of breeze & white caps, helping to cool everyone off from the extreme heat.  The breeze filled completely by the second half of the race, and we finished second across the line with the J24 just a nose behind in third place!  The Sailing Association instructors sailed the J24 that night and probably would have placed first if they had a race chart.  Being first around the windward mark they led the fleet to the gybe but not knowing where they were going lost about 2 places to end the race in third.  It was a very fun night with beautiful sun and breeze, good cheer and good sports all around!  (I think the first photo below of Bizzy Ball is my favorite of the sailing series thusfar)

For Race 6 this past week, heavy New England Pea Soup Fog and possible of rain and thunderstorms threatened racing.  Everyone was waiting at the Yacht C…

Beavertail Seascape

With all this talk about the Supermoon in late June, I thought I would take the opportunity to break from the sailing photography and shoot a seascape.  I hadn't been out to shoot a seascape in over a month and it was time to go somewhere quiet and soak in the scene!  
I decided to head over to Beavertail which I had been sorely neglecting, and catch the rising moon as the sun set behind me.  I did not include the lighthouse but instead climbed down the rocks as the tide was going out, providing me with a safe opportunity to get close to the water's edge.  
It was two nights before the true Supermoon so I know the moon would be near full but not necessarily huge.  I simply used it as an element in the seascape and hopefully you can pick it out!  
Below are two shots from the evening, which can be ordered as Fine Art prints through my website,  Enjoy!

Fireworks for the Fourth

We have been beyond lucky with gorgeous Fourth of July's for as long as I can remember.  Clear skies, warm weather, cool breeze... there's nothing else quite like it!  And this year was no exception.  For North Kingstown, fireworks just about always happen on the evening of the 4th.  None of this day before or weekend after, we celebrate day of!  
Wickford Harbor empties of boats and everyone swarms offshore of the town beach.  Boats moor, anchor and raft.  Music is blaring, people are swimming, and you can see backyard fireworks all around from Shore Acres to downtown Wickford and off of Cold Spring.  
We settled on a mooring and waited for the sky to darken and the fireworks to fly!  It was a 20 minute show this year (with a few mumblings about the sequester cutting off firework funds) but I was so glad I brought my camera and tripod for some long exposure firework shots.  Of course I had to don safety glasses as the ash drifted downwind onto our boat, but it was a front ro…

WYC: Races 3 and 4

Week 3 of competition at Wickford Wednesday Night Racing was a much lighter air race.  A beautiful evening on the water and our usual but still stupendous golden dusk light...  But light air is not a friend for Papa, our heavy water/fuel/amenities laden Nonsuch 30.  
We didn't have the prettiest start, which forced us to a side of the course we tried to do our best with, but we finished second to last.  On corrected time, which takes into account different boat makes, models and sizes and tries to level the playing field, we ended up 4th for the race!  In the overall standings we were in first, tied with little Double Entendre with 6 points overall, with Bizzy Ball trailing only by one point in third place.  We watched as Class One sailed all the way to the Jamestown bridge and back, hoping they would have enough wind to finish the race!
Most recently at race number 4, it was another light air evening.  With 85 degree heat throughout the day and 90%+ humidity, it was one of those…