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Cruise to Cuttyhunk

Every year the Wickford Yacht Club takes their annual cruise.  All the members get together and travel as a group by boat to various locations around Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Last year we went along Block Island Sound towards Connecticut but this year it was east through the Elizabeth Island and New Bedford.
First stop was Cuttyhunk!  I hadn't been there in quite some time but it was a beautiful harbor, plus crisp refreshing clean waters.  We were so lucky the rain had come through the previous days so our few nights in the harbor were wonderfully clear and full of summer light.
I took a stroll on land and came across some rock stacking that had been left behind.  And that night there was a beautiful sunset that lit up the entire harbor!  I took some shots for a stitched together panoramic, probably my new favorite image in a while.  As the sun sank lower I took out the tripod for some cool long exposures from the bow, to give the shots a little bit of gentle…

WSA: The last visits

Summer sailing has drawn to a close and the first days of school are upon us.  It wasn't too long ago I was making my last visits to the WSA Junior Sailing Program to take a few more shots of the kids.  First up, the racers!  Wickford made a brilliant showing at NBYA with an overall win for a Division in 420s at Race Week and a second place for the overall NBYA season.  Great job you guys!  Now go enjoy high school :)
Next up, the Intermediates, who joined a few racers for some after-class sailing one evening.  It was a beautiful summer evening with gorgeous golden light.  These after class races were a lot of fun and these intermediates kept pace with the Opti Racers.  Job well done you guys, hope to see you competing in races next summer too!
Thirdly is the Opti Racers themselves.  My visit to their class in the last weeks of sailing turned out to be a terrific windy day on the water, with a strong seabreeze at about 10-12 knots.  Great for the kids and great for energetic acti…

Behind the Lens: How I edit that shot, Seascapes

A lot of people wonder if the images I take actually looked like that in person.  And it's a very valid question given the current capabilities of programs like Photoshop.  For me, it's not about taking out crucial elements of the image, or superimposing things that weren't there... it's about injecting some life back into the image and overcoming the limitations of the camera.  Image editing is just one more completely necessary step in today's photography.  It used to be gel filters and hours of darkroom manipulations, now it's Lightroom and Photoshop!
There are so many times when the camera just didn't capture the same brightness, vibrance and allure that I witnessed first hand.  But through the wonders of digital editing I can put the magic back into the photographs that lost a bit of lustre on their way through the lens.  
So here are two examples of seascapes I've taken and the steps necessary to put some oomph back into the pictures.  First is a…

SYC Saturday Racing

A little while ago I had the opportunity to join the Saunderstown Yacht Club for their weekly Saturday Racing, hosting one design races all summer long!  Junior sailors from the SYC sailing program join in Opti and 420 classes, while everyone else participates in Sunfish, Bullseye, Catboats and Rhodes 19.  There are no age restraints and it looked like a total blast!  
Everyone had three races and the breeze was on.  It was sunny but not blisteringly hot, and rain was nowhere in sight.  It was probably the first perfect summer day we'd had all season!  I was shooting from the committee float (yes, float not boat) and was more than happy with the shots that came out!
I'll be joining this upcoming Saturday as well, but probably to get in on the fun instead of photograph :)
Full gallery on my website here!