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Upcoming Shows!

After a successful November exhibition at Bill Krul Gallery with my Wandering Shores Seascape Workshop Group, there are more exhibitions slated for the next few months!

First up is Artists for the Bay at the Save the Bay Center in Providence.  The Opening Reception is Thursday, Dec 4th, and a portion of the proceeds go to the wonderful organization committed to improving the health and vitality of Narragansett Bay.  Tickets are $30 for the event.  I have three pieces in the show and hope to see you there on opening night!

After that, I will be partnering with local artists Kathy Hodge and Alexander Nesbitt as part of the Green Space Exhibit for January thru April at TF Green Airport.  Green Space is a public exhibition coalition between the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA) and TF Green Airport to promote local Rhode Island artists.  There are four shows throughout the year, and I'll be part of the first slot in 2015!  If you're traveling next year be sure to chec…

Fall Foliage

It was tricky finding the proper opportunity to shoot fall foliage this year.  The colors started to turn, but as soon as they did a pair of Nor'easters blew through for the latter half of October.  Whatever leaves had become brilliantly orange and gold were blown away in the wind, but I tried my best during a couple of non-rainy days!
First stop was Slater Mill up in Pawtucket, where I captured a long exposure plus a few more walking the historic grounds.  Then to Roger Williams Park for some trees, and Wickford Village for some autumnal Wickford Doors shots.  Last but not least it was a walk through West Greenwich at Stepstone Falls.  It was just past peak foliage but I was still enjoyed shooting backlit leaves and running river waters!
See more at the new Autumn Gallery in my Photography Catalog!

Second Beach Abstracts

I started playing around with "water panning" last year, a technique which involves a semi-slow shutter speed and camera movement following moving water.  While this kind of creative exploration was put on the back burner during the sailing season, I had to opportunity to try it once again this month!  
It was one of the very comfortable and sunny autumn days early this October, and I found myself at Second Beach in Newport, RI.  I used my super dark B+W #110 filter to capture the movement while the sun was still up, and I was very happy with the results!  The other panning abstracts I had tried involved more of a pastel dusk or pink cloud type of color palette, but this time I was able to capture more deep yellows and golds with the sunlight.
I will be printing some of my abstracts for the upcoming Wandering Shores Exhibition at Bill Krul Gallery this November.  Hope to see you there for the opening reception, Saturday, Nov 1st, 5-8pm!

Surface Experiment #2

I have been wanting to get more shots from in the water for some time.  I quickly resold my "waterproof" Nikon 1 AW1 after serious build quality grievances (a discussion for another day) and had to reevaluate my affordable options for in-water-photography.  
I had a Lifeproof case for my iPhone 4, but after the daily wear and tear it quickly wore down and didn't seem safe to take in the water after 10 months of use.  With waterproof housings for my DSLRs still outside of my budget, I recently saw images from a local photographer who uses a Watershot Housing for his iPhone (along with a nice DSLR water housing).  I priced it out and it seemed the most affordable and durable option, especially considering my upgrade to an iPhone 5s with much better image quality compared to my older iPhone 4.
I sprung for the Watershot Pro with two lenses and jumped in the water within a week!  I loved every second of it!  And while I was a little clumsy getting used to the housing and th…

Wandering Shores Gallery Exhibition

My first group workshop was hosted this past September in conjunction with the Wickford Art Association.  With a small group of eager students, we focused on seascape photography and long exposure techniques.  The workshop brought these new skills into the field with a group photowalk at Black Point in Scarborough for a beautiful late September dusk.  
The workshop will be exhibiting their work in a group photography exhibition at Bill Krul Gallery in Narragansett for the month of November.  We invite you all to join us for the Opening Reception on Saturday, November 1st at 5-8pm!  Hope to see you there! 

J24 Worlds 2014

My last event for the summer sailing season was J24 Worlds hosted by Sail Newport, with the racing area 5 miles offshore of Brenton Point.  There were over 70 boats competing from all over the world in 5 days of racing.  I was on the water for Day One and it was quite the new experience.  With a strong 15 knot northwesterly breeze all day and huge 6-10 foot seas from the south, there was no refuge from the chop and swell.

The class requested a W5 course, which meant two and a half times around the race course with a finish at the top of the course, as opposed to the usual finishing where you started.  Two races were completed at about 80 minutes each, and for those of us at the bottom of the race course catching the action at the start and gate roundings, there was also a lot of waiting around and nothing to take your mind off the huge ocean swell rolling the boat underneath you.  Just about all of the Race Committee felt seasick, with several of us succumbing to the incessant offsh…

2015 Calendar Available for Pre-Order!

2015 Calendar in the making!
This year I've gotten organized in time to put together a calendar featuring my photography.  All the images are scenic shots from southern Rhode Island, including the image below from beloved Wickford Village in summer.  
It will be a 8.5x11" Wire O-Ring Binding 12 Month calendar priced at $16.99 , terrific for the home, office or as a gift!
The calendars are currently in production and available for pre-order.  
To reserve your copy today email

Holga Discoveries

I have film, but I don't use it terribly often.  But every time I get film back from the developer, it's a little surprise that's been waiting for months to be opened!  Recently I sent two rolls of Holga film to my usual specialty film developers, Dorian Color Lab in Arlington, MA.  Within a week I got my film back in the mail, and it was beautiful!  
This film had been unfinished for months.  The first shots were from a year ago on Block Island, with half the roll taken in Baja this past March and the most recent frames from Buttonwood Farm in Connecticut just a few weeks ago.  I was overjoyed to finally see these photos developed, it's always a bit of a surprise!  The palms brought back fresh memories of the Baja coast and are probably my favorites on the whole roll.
See all the shots from my Holga in a dedicated section of my Photography Catalog.

Volvos in Newport

This summer, Newport was host to multiple Volvo Ocean Race teams as they completed Trans-Atlantic crossings in preparation for the big race starting next year!  The Volvo Ocean Race takes teams around the world, with a combination of offshore and inshore racing at multiple city ports.  One of the last ports of call for the VOR will be Newport, so several teams found it a perfect location to complete some of their training and gain a bit of local knowledge.
I was on the water for two such visits, first in late May by Chinese Team Dongfeng.  This international team is half Chinese nationals, who have plenty of dinghy experience but no extensive offshore experience to speak of!  It will certainly be a trying race for this new team, led by French Skipper Charles Caudrelier.  I was able to not only shoot this visit from the water, but also from on board the one-design Volvo 65! 
In early July, returning Team Abu Dhabi and new Turkish sponsored Team Alvimedica had overlapping visits.  This…