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Just in Time: Rocky Neck

I see several students for a variety of private instruction needs, including one student who is located in Niantic. Out of all my visits to see her, I often have driven by the signs for Rocky Neck State Park and wondered if I'd ever have the time to shoot there.  
Well, one evening with a scheduled appointment with my Niantic student I left a half hour earlier than usual anticipating a stop at Rocky Neck for a quick shoot.  Of course, of all days, 95 South was experiencing some abysmal traffic, probably due to an accident, and after finding myself in a highway standstill for twenty minutes I ditched the express route and carved my way through Westerly using local roads.  I arrived in Niantic about 15 minutes before our appointment and half an hour later than I had wanted to due to that traffic, but I knew I had just enough time to run down to the beach and photograph the brilliant fiery colors that were blossoming in the late afternoon sky.  I just had to hurry.
I drove through t…

Quiet Morning at the Cove

While we still had the nice sticky snow setting the scene, I woke up early one morning to attempt a sunrise shoot instead of my usual sunsets.  I was driving along trying to think of the best location for the light and decided to go back to Wickford Cove where I had attempted another morning shoot a couple months ago.  The road wasn't plowed very well and I had to park down the street and walk a bit, but it was worth it for the quiet and solitude, and of course the morning light.
This was the result, and luckily I didn't freeze to death like last time either!  The sun lit up the trees as it rose but I still was unable to capture the scene as I wanted.  I guess I'll just have to try again some other time but meanwhile I hope you still enjoy this snowy scene from a brackish Wickford Cove!

Lecture Feb 20th: Photographing the Sport of Sailing

Thursday, February 20th 7pm Wickford Yacht Club 165 Pleasant St., Wickford, RI

I'm happy to announce my first lecture this year, Photographing the Sport of Sailing!   Join us this Thursday night for a talk presented by yours truly and hosted by the Wickford Yacht Club Seminar Series discussing camera tips for on the water shooting and sailing photography.

We will be covering tips & tricks to help improve your nautical photography no matter your camera or skill level.  These helpful hints will cover topics of what to shoot, photography composition guidelines, essential nautical photography equipment, useful camera settings, and more! Get a glimpse of my sailing imagery while learning some behind the lens tips for creating successful and captivating nautical photography.

The event is Free to attend and all are welcome. The meet and greet will begin at 7pm with the presentation starting at 7:30pm. There will also be some photography products for sale throughout the event!

Visit the F…

Wickford Doors in the Snow

Most people dread snow.  Snow means cold weather, shoveling, sloppy roads, and salt stains on your boots.  But I've been waiting for it!  The couple of snows we've had this winter have been fluffy and coupled with heavy winds.  These storms produced wind blistered faces and tall snow drifts, not the gentle sticky stuff that makes the world beautifully quiet and picturesque.  But this time, just as we turned from January to February, I was in luck.  We had a wet snowfall and it stuck to everything!  Not only that, but it came with little to no wind so you could take a stroll outside and not be worried about subzero temperatures.  So at the first opportunity I took my camera for a walk in the backyard with my Lensbaby Spark and then I switched to my 50mm lens for a walk through Wickford.
I'd been meaning to do Wickford Doors for a while, a popular motif in this part of town, and with no cars on the road and beautiful winter weather I took my time walking Main Street to phot…

Just in Time: Qeba

4:15 in the afternoon:  It was a spur of the moment decision.  The sun was going down and the sky was clearing out.  Blue was finally poking through but there were still some white and fluffy clouds overhead.  I looked up the time for sunset:  5:05pm.  Would I have enough time to get to the shore?  The location I wanted to visit was 40 minutes away.  It was worth a try!  Within moments I grabbed my bag, changed my jeans and shoes, and hopped in the car as I raced against time to get to the southern Rhode Island shoreline!
4:45pm:  I was still on the highway.  There were a couple of beaches I knew about but they would be rocky, icy and looking in the wrong direction.  I could go take the exit and give myself a few extra minutes to set up or risk driving to the next beach down the line.  I chose to keep driving.
4:55pm:  I took a wrong turn.  I was supposed to go one more exit.  Oh well, I was only a mile away and I could drive through a neighborhood to get there.  No turning back now!

Moostone Despair

Another forgotten beach:  Moonstone.  It's situated between Matunuck and Green Hill along the southern coat of Rhode Island.  It isn't as populated or developed as many of those other beaches because it's surrounded by Trustom Pond Wildlife Refuge and Card's Pond to either side.  The beach is littered with stones of all shapes and sizes and most of the dunes are protected as part of the wildlife refuge or for restoration purposes.  It has one building perched right atop the dunes and I have no idea what that facility is used for, but it sure took a beating during the Hurricane.  There are old pieces of wood jutting out of places where parts of this one building used to be and as you walk along you'll find all sorts of jetsam that's washed ashore:  an old radio, a ski glove, a shoe, several large rusted pieces of metal... It's a rather sad sight.  And of course the dune vegetation is bare and scraggly, showing all the signs of a cold and bleak winter.  
I h…