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Exploring Los Corridors

Day 2:  San Jose del Cabo – Los Corridors
We woke up to the sun on the East Cape Road, remote and untamed but absolutely beautiful!  But our plans were laid in the other direction, back to San Jose del Cabo and along the road Los Corridors towards Cabo San Lucas.  We wound our way back through the hills and went to check the surf back at Playa Costa Azul.  It was decent, a little lumpy but surfable, and Lyle went to rent a board from the Costa Azul Surf Shop.  We were informed about the three breaks just off Costa Azul:  Zipper's could host territorial surfers, but with the waves breaking in such shallow water right on the beach Lyle wasn't looking to go there anyway.  The Rock was a friendlier break, although there were some rocks to navigate, with better company any a longer ride.  Lastly, Old Man's off of Playa Acapulquito, was a well-known longboarding spot (which we would visit our last day of the trip, and I would actually get in the water with a board).  For this d…

First Days in Baja

Here begins the epic tales of a trip to Baja California Sur and Los Cabos of Mexico!  A trip planned since late last year that finally became a reality for myself and my boyfriend early this March.  See the photos on my website under Baja Expeditions and continue following the blog for stories about the trip.  All images on the website are available as Fine Art Prints.
Day 1:  Arrival – San Jose del Cabo
We had to wake up at 3:45am to make our first flight to Newark, then a 7 hour flight straight to Cabo.  Upon arrival at 2pm local time, we picked up the rental car, made a short stop at the supermercado then straight to some of the nearby beaches.
Playa Costa Azul was probably the most popular in San Jose del Cabo, hosting the notable Zipper's and the Rock surf breaks, and being immediately adjacent to Playa Acapulquito and the longboarders' Old Man's surf break.  Down the highway was Playa Palmilla at the Palmilla resort.  Squeezed between resort buildings and shaded by …

Long Exposures at Hazard Rock

There was another impending snow storm and the forecast was for overcast skies and gray days.  But I took my chances one evening with a break in the clouds before the storm's arrival, and headed down to Point Judith Lighthouse.  I wanted something different than my lost shot at PJ light but the closer I got to the lighthouse, the more the shore had been burmmed up by the winter tides, leaving step levels of rock that would obscure the lighthouse if I placed my camera down by the waterline.  I had just over half an hour before sunset and made a quick decision to try another location I hadn't visited in some time:  Hazard Rock of Narragansett.
I discovered these large bluffs of orange rock back in high school but had only photographed here a couple of times.  I found a tide pool and set up my camera with time running short and the tide moving in.  I played with a couple different compositions but was working with beautiful 4 minute long exposures.  You would never know there we…

Finding a New Angle: Castle Hill

Epiphany #1:  I have purchased all my filters to fit my 16-35mm lens.  They are 72mm filters and for the longest time I thought my 70-200mm lens was sized for 77mm.  But I was wrong.  Both of my lenses take a 72mm thread size which means I can easily switch between lenses and continue with my long exposure photography!
Epiphany #2:  So that just left the question of where to utilize my telephoto lens for a different kind of long exposure image?  I thought of all the places I used to photography but hadn't for a very long time...  places like Rome Point, Matunuck, Ft. Wetherhill...  Then I came across an image from Onne van der Wal in a recap of his bestselling 2013 images.  While Onne's was taken in summer and probably from a boat, it made me realize there are always different angles we can explore for what may have become an over-photographed subject.  For me, there are several Rhode Island landmarks that I feel I have shot so many times that it would feel redundant to go ba…

Town Beach in Winter

I wasn't really planning on going shooting.  I just happened to have my camera bag with me from a previous shoot and the clouds were rolling out.  I was in a rush to meet the shoreline.  Driving down the highway I could see the scene setting up beautifully.  I made it to the Town Beach, the closest bit of water.  The best of the light was gone but I thought there might be something beautiful lingering.  So I set up only a few yards away from the car and composed a shot.  I only took 6 frames (seems to be a trend happening lately) but I loved the result:  a beautifully quiet winter scene at dusk.  Well worth it!

African Sense of Sachuest

I've been counting down the days until a trip to warmer climates.  That's right, I'm getting out of this polar vortex and heading to the Tropic of Cancer!  Destination:  Baja California.  An almost two week jaunt around the tip of the Baja Sur peninsula will surely erase the winter blues long enough for me to return in time for spring.  But until my counting days reach zero, I'm stuck in this New England ice box.
But that doesn't deter me from going shooting.  Ok, maybe every now and again when the wind chill is 5° I opt to stay indoors.  But winter weather just means putting on a few more layers in order to get that outdoor shot.
I took a drive recently over to Sachuest Point in Newport to catch an evening sunset.  While the clouds were moving out and there was little hope of a spectacular pink cloudy dusk I wandered around looking for things to shoot.  The wind was fierce and the shoreline was exposed, providing me with no relief from the winter chill.  But as I…