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Baja Instas

Baja Trip through Instas Including the last day of travel from San José del Cabo

One Night on a Cabo Pulmo Beach

Day 10:  Los Frailes
After an overwhelmingly delicious and outstanding pollo en mole dinner at Nancy's Restaurant in Cabo Pulmo and one last night at the Casita, we checked out of Cremin's Hill Top House around noontime.  Bags were packed, hard boiled eggs had been made, a last round of showers had been taken, and we were driving south through Cabo Pulmo one last time.
Just beyond the turn for Playa Arbolito and on the other side of the point lays the crescent bay of Bahía Los Failes and the southern boundary of the National Park.  This beach, which we briefly visited the previous day, is long and complete with an RV park, abandoned palapas, and fishing at the southern end.  We parked the car and set up camp for a final beach day in Cabo Pulmo before returning home.  It was rather bittersweet but we spent the whole afternoon relaxing.  We explored rocks at the north end of the bay.  Lyle went for a dip in the water.  We had lunch with our German friends Lars & Maggie at t…

Last Days in Baja: Cabo Pulmo Pt. 2

Day 9:  Cabo Pulmo cont.
It was only noontime and we felt like we had already spent the entire day out on the reef!  It was a satisfied and accomplished feeling, but we were still tired.  We decided to rest up for an attempt at a sunset shoot back at Playa Arbolito.  On the way back to the Casita from the beach, we actually passed our German friends Lars & Maggie on the road!  We hadn't heard from them since we parted ways back in El Pescadero but it was good to see they were in the area too.
We stopped at one of the two grocery stores in Cabo Pulmo, showered, made guacamole for lunch and enjoyed the afternoon sun out on the patio.  It felt like paradise.
We departed for Playa Arbolito at 4pm but swung by Los Frailes first, just around the point.  Sure enough, Lars and Maggie had already set up camp for the night in one of the abandoned palapas.  The fishermen come by the dozens for fishing season, erecting makeshift shacks for shelter, and then abandon them once the season i…

Last Days in Baja: Cabo Pulmo Pt. 1

Day 8–9:  Cabo Pulmo
We had finally arrived!  We had reached the crowning jewel of our travels, Parque Nacionale Cabo Pulmo.  This little village is 100% solar-powered, well-water fed, dirt road accessible and 5 miles of national park protected beach and coral reef.  After our day trip to Santiago we drove around to the East Cape on the Sea of Cortez, arriving around 4pm.  In every way the hotel in Cabo San Lucas disappointed with no hot water, loud street noise and hoards of tourists, the Hilltop House we rented from Cremin's Casas was an overwhelming success!  It was just one round room but it was perfectly complete with a kitchen and fridge, clean drinking water, a large comfortable bed, a hot water shower, a patio and grill, and a killer view of Cabo Pulmo.  No streetlights, no loud parties, no noisy traffic, just peace and quiet and the sounds of some birds nearby.  We felt entirely safe and comfortable in the village and although we were tired from our day exploring the cent…

Santiago and El Chorro

Day 8 - Day trip to Santiago
We woke up with the sun, which we were finding usual and refreshing in this region of the world.  Everyone got up early and everyone felt good about it.  We left San Pedrito by 8am facing a 2 hour drive across the cape.  We were finally able to put Todos Santos behind us and get to the beauty and seclusion of the East Cape!
After driving about an hour towards La Paz, we turned south from Highway 19 to Highway 1.  The road dropped lanes and began weaving through the mountains and foothills of Sierra de la Laguna.  It made for a much more exciting drive than if we had back-tracked around the point to get to Cabo Pulmo.  There were a few cute mountain towns along the way that might make for a nice day trip for future visits:  El Triunfo with el Museo de la Musica, San Antonio nestled in a valley, and San Bartolo which greeted us with a large steer in the road.  We finally caught sight of the ocean and stopped at Los Barriles for gas before continuing south o…

Punta Lobos and Todos Santos

Day 7:  Todos Santos

We woke up at Cerritos thinking that I could rent a board on the beach and join Lyle for a day surfing in the water, but with lumpy 3-4+ and me having only been a small handful of times, we opted out.  Instead, we stopped by Ayometzi, a little breakfast joint on the road into Cerritos run by one little Mexican lady and her friend.  They served up some killer eggs and chilaquiles, and even surprised us with small plates of flan!  Dessert for breakfast is something I could get used to.

We went to Playa San Pedrito for Lyle to get a surf in, where the waves were smoother and a little bigger than Los Cerritos.  We hung on at San Pedrito until noon when it was time to explore more of Todos Santos.  But first, a stop at Punta Lobos just around the corner from Playa San Pedrito.

There was road work on the higway to Todos Santos where they were re-doing the split between Todos Santos and the highway towards La Paz.  Due to this new road work some of our directions were in…

Los Cerritos

Day 5–6:  Los Cerritos
We first encountered Los Cerritos while driving up the West Cape from Cabo San Lucas.  It's a slightly developed location with a few bungalows to rent and a boutique hotel on the hill, but it's not as populated by locals.  Los Cerritos is more of a small tourist destination given that its crescent shaped beach is protected by the rocky point.  Typically, swimming on the Pacific side of Baja is rather dangerous due to strong riptides.  But there are a few locations, such as Los Cerritos, where swimming on the Pacific side can be safe due to juts of land that naturally offer protection from the strong Pacific waters.
Lyle enjoyed the surf while I hung out on the beach on the first day.  I sat in the sun and watched as the waves rolled in from the wide open ocean, carving around the point and rolling up the beach.  I even made my first souvenir purchase from a beach vendor, a pair of long turquoise earrings inlayed in sterling silver.
We stay at Playa San …