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Holga Discoveries

I have film, but I don't use it terribly often.  But every time I get film back from the developer, it's a little surprise that's been waiting for months to be opened!  Recently I sent two rolls of Holga film to my usual specialty film developers, Dorian Color Lab in Arlington, MA.  Within a week I got my film back in the mail, and it was beautiful!  
This film had been unfinished for months.  The first shots were from a year ago on Block Island, with half the roll taken in Baja this past March and the most recent frames from Buttonwood Farm in Connecticut just a few weeks ago.  I was overjoyed to finally see these photos developed, it's always a bit of a surprise!  The palms brought back fresh memories of the Baja coast and are probably my favorites on the whole roll.
See all the shots from my Holga in a dedicated section of my Photography Catalog.

Volvos in Newport

This summer, Newport was host to multiple Volvo Ocean Race teams as they completed Trans-Atlantic crossings in preparation for the big race starting next year!  The Volvo Ocean Race takes teams around the world, with a combination of offshore and inshore racing at multiple city ports.  One of the last ports of call for the VOR will be Newport, so several teams found it a perfect location to complete some of their training and gain a bit of local knowledge.
I was on the water for two such visits, first in late May by Chinese Team Dongfeng.  This international team is half Chinese nationals, who have plenty of dinghy experience but no extensive offshore experience to speak of!  It will certainly be a trying race for this new team, led by French Skipper Charles Caudrelier.  I was able to not only shoot this visit from the water, but also from on board the one-design Volvo 65! 
In early July, returning Team Abu Dhabi and new Turkish sponsored Team Alvimedica had overlapping visits.  This…

Pro-Am on the last day of Sailing

The seasons are changing and everyone is looking ahead to autumn.  But before the summer was over and school was back in session, the Wickford Sailing Association had one last day of classes which I was lucky enough to be on the water for!  
It was a picturesque summer day, beautiful sun and temperatures, a steady seabreeze, and the Racing class was hosting a Pro-Am Regatta in conjunction with students from the Intro to 420 class.  It was a fun lighthearted day of friendly junior sailing competition as everyone got their last laughs in out on the water before awards and the official end to summer sailing!  The Racers had the opportunity to sail with friends from other classes, and the Intro students had a chance to try out a more competitive setting as they started to think about next summer.
See all the shots at the WSA Viewing Gallery
Back to school kids! See you next summer :)

Last Weeks of Wednesday Nights

The last weeks of Wednesday Night Racing hosted by Wickford Yacht club absolutely flew by!  There were windy nights and almost airless nights.  Brilliant sundowns and cloudy ones.  We missed the last night of racing but still managed to eek out a 4th place for the season, which isn't too shabby for our broad and sluggish Nonsuch 30!  It's really more of a cruiser than a racer...
Here are just a few shots from a couple windier nights of racing as summer began to draw to a close, plus some from our last night of racing which actually featured a downwind start and starboard roundings!
Full gallery at the WYC Viewing Gallery

Cruise to Cuttyhunk

The first weekend of August the Wickford Yacht Club takes a cruise.  All the club members get together with their boats, sail or power, and visit various ports of call along the southern New England Coast.  Typically, the first stop is Cuttyhunk Island just east of Narragansett Bay.  It's the first island you reach as you hang a left past Newport, and a tiny one in the Elizabeth Island chain which includes Martha's Vineyard.  I could only make it for part of the cruise this year, which would be turning back up Narragansett Bay.  So I decided to take the first couple of days of the cruise to enjoy Cuttyhunk, and depart the venture at the second port of call, Westport. 
It was a great couple of days on the mooring in remote and picturesque Cuttyhunk Harbor.  I got some great shots while hanging out on the boat at dusk, watching other cruisers playing in the water, and even more while wandering the rock and sand beaches.  
The full gallery can be seen here combined with other sh…