Holga Discoveries

I have film, but I don't use it terribly often.  But every time I get film back from the developer, it's a little surprise that's been waiting for months to be opened!  Recently I sent two rolls of Holga film to my usual specialty film developers, Dorian Color Lab in Arlington, MA.  Within a week I got my film back in the mail, and it was beautiful!  

This film had been unfinished for months.  The first shots were from a year ago on Block Island, with half the roll taken in Baja this past March and the most recent frames from Buttonwood Farm in Connecticut just a few weeks ago.  I was overjoyed to finally see these photos developed, it's always a bit of a surprise!  The palms brought back fresh memories of the Baja coast and are probably my favorites on the whole roll.

See all the shots from my Holga in a dedicated section of my Photography Catalog.



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