Fall Foliage

It was tricky finding the proper opportunity to shoot fall foliage this year.  The colors started to turn, but as soon as they did a pair of Nor'easters blew through for the latter half of October.  Whatever leaves had become brilliantly orange and gold were blown away in the wind, but I tried my best during a couple of non-rainy days!

First stop was Slater Mill up in Pawtucket, where I captured a long exposure plus a few more walking the historic grounds.  Then to Roger Williams Park for some trees, and Wickford Village for some autumnal Wickford Doors shots.  Last but not least it was a walk through West Greenwich at Stepstone Falls.  It was just past peak foliage but I was still enjoyed shooting backlit leaves and running river waters!

See more at the new Autumn Gallery in my Photography Catalog!


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