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French Country in a Coastal Home

Wickford might not be the first place you think of for a home decorated in a French country style.  So many of the houses are filled with nautical or antique items, nodding to the history of the town.  But on a recent shoot to a family friend's home for some interiors, I found just that; the casual elegance of the French country in a welcoming coastal home.
The living room featured wonderfully coordinated yet mismatched decor in soft comforting earth tones with nature inspired accents.  Hues of beige, sand, ecru and ivory were emphasized by traces of blue, teal and soft pink.  An assortment of fabrics from linen to muslin to suede added natural texture to chairs, pillows and curtains.  Live plants plus filigree and floral patterns brought the living room together into a bright rustic space with garden-inspired undertones.  
Hardwood floors throughout the house, except for the wonderful cork floor in the kitchen, carried the refined earthen theme seamlessly from room to room.  Mir…

Matunuck in the Cold

This winter has been a winter of record for New England.  Boston and the Cape have been hammered by feet upon feet of snow.  Down here in Rhode Island we're battling cold weather and wind every other day.  Old Man Winter wasn't about to let up, so it was time to pile on the layers and make an attempt to photograph some of this spectacular weather.  It's hard to get motivated in temperatures hovering around 10° with wind chill, but cabin fever has been setting in, too.  I just had to get out shooting!  
I made my way to the south shore beaches as another storm front was moving in.  There was a break in the cloud cover around sunset and although the clouds didn't light up, the horizon certainly did!  It was about 15° and the wind was blowing along the beach at 20+mph.  After only a few moments I couldn't feel my fingers and my gloves were no match for the biting breeze.  Facing towards the water the wind was at my back which made my twenty minutes in the elements mu…

TF Green Installed!

The show is up!  My work has been incorporated into the TF Green Airport Interlink GREEN Space exhibit as the first show for 2015 representing Rhode Island artists!  Running now through April, the exhibit also includes local artists Kathy Hodge and Alexander Nesbitt.  
Green Space is a public exhibition coalition between the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA) and TF Green Airport promoting local Rhode Island artists. There are a total of four shows throughout the year.  
If you're traveling soon be sure to check out the Interlink Space between baggage claim and the walkway to the parking garage to catch a glimpse of the show!  Green Space is located on the way to the train station and parking garage as you leave the ground floor of the airport.  
All pieces are for sale, and I couldn't be happier with how the installation turned out!
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Boat Interiors - A Break from the Norm

"It's not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails, that's what a ship needs but what a ship is... what a ship really is... is freedom." –Jack Sparrow
And for many people, the amenities a boat has to offer equates to greater freedoms to explore ocean waters far away from home and land.  There can be so much comfort down below decks that you barely notice you're on a boat, and my photography recently brought me to some beautifully outfitted MJM powerboats as I photographed soft products for a client.  It was a break from my typical seascapes and regattas but still presented it's own unique set of photography challenges.
The space was cramped but that's to be expected when working down below.  It was noisy and crowded but we made use of every precious minute aboard.  We were shooting alongside fit & finish crews as they painted, varnished, screwed and adjusted various elements of these boats as they were being made ready for delivery and winter trips…