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October Surf in Hull's Cove

I have thousands upon thousands of photos from the past couple years, and inevitably some get left behind.  Folders of personal work take the backburner for other projects, and are soon forgotten.  While I strive to look through all my images and edit the keepers as soon as possible, I don't always succeed.
But when I find free time I go back to these forgotten folders and give them another look.  Recently, I had such free time and went through a couple folders from last fall, including a small collection of surf photos from a beautifully warm day last October when the wind and surf were just right for conditions in Hull's Cove on Jamestown.  I remember this day vividly as one of the truly golden days signaling the end of summer.  The seabreeze was carrying the first chill of autumn but the sun was warm and comforting.  I watched as friends tackled the private surf break in this secluded spot on Conanicut Island.
I edited a few surf shots and a colorful stitched panoramic bef…

Revisiting Baja

This time last year I had just returned from a trip to Baja, Mexico.  It was 10 days spent in sun and surf while winter hammered on at home.  What I would've given to be there again this winter!  As I reminisced I went back through my archives of photos and pulled out a few more shots from the trip worth an edit.  
These shots are all from the East Cape of Baja Sur, starting at Puente la Tinaja, a little known surf break hidden between rolling hills.  We had the whole beach to ourselves and while we didn't stay long, it was one of my favorite vistas!  Then as we moved north we came Migriño, a slightly more well known break with a couple locals out in the water.  Then onto Los Cerritos, a wonderful little community with a crescent shaped beach, world class surf spot, a boutique hotel and surf shop.  It was one of the most comfortable tourist locations we visited. 
I can't wait to go back!
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Icebergs in Massarctica

Spring is on the way!  You can feel it in the air... It was above freezing almost all last week and temperatures were close to 50° most days!  While the Northeast continues to thaw, I came across work by Cape Cod artist Dapixara in a CBS Boston article about giant icebergs washing ashore on Cape Cod.  
The icebergs resulted from the monstrous amounts of snowfall and below freezing temperatures Massachusetts experienced the past few months.  As Cape Cod Bay began to thaw, huge chunks of ice were washing ashore on the opposite side of the bay along the Cape Cod National Seashore.  Dapixara's images, while it's unclear when they were taken, show overhead sized icebergs the size of small cars.  I had no time to loose!  It was already the second day of 50° weather and if I had any chance of capturing this possibly once in a lifetime event I had to act fast.  So I drove the 2 hours and change up the Cape to Wellfleet to find some icebergs!
When I arrived, they were really more of s…

Wickford Snow, again

Well hopefully that was the last of it.  Let's cross our fingers and hope Old Man Winter will finally have some mercy!  But at least this last snowfall was the sticky picturesque winter wonderland kind that fell softly and beautifully throughout the day.  No biting breeze or extreme subzero temperatures, just a soft white snowfall to welcome March.  
I took an hour long walk through sleepy snowy Wickford, enjoying the empty streets and frosted houses.  A walk along the dock at the End O Main put this winter into chilly perspective, as ice still covered most of the harbor and fishermen dug out their frozen boats.  
As beautiful as this snowfall was, I'm still looking forward warmer weather and for winter to finally come to an end.  Maybe the harbor will get a chance to thaw and we can get spring started...  Forget spring, I can't wait for summer!
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Interior Insights

Interior photography isn't always as easy as it seems!  Many professionals shoot with several strobe lights, tethered to a laptop, and with one or more assistants.  Every chair and pillow must be just right, every frame must be level, the scene can't look sparse but it can't looked cluttered either... absolutely no element can be overlooked. 
In all of my time assisting for interior shoots, and now tackling a few of my own, I wanted to pass along a few insights for anyone looking to beautifully document an interior space whether it be a home, office, renovation, or even for a client!
Camera Angles First, let's talk angles!  With wide angle lenses, every minute adjustment is amplified on the edges of the frame.  When it comes to interior photography, that means depending on the height of your tripod and the tilt of your camera, rooms can easily look like they're leaning noticeably towards or away from the camera.  Look at the edges of your frame and make sure anyth…