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Moonrise Abstracts

The summer started off in a whirlwind of sailing and art festivals, but one evening in particular I made time to visit the beach and watch for moonrise.  I ended up at Hazard Rock in Narragansett, and without any preconceived notion of what to shoot I began setting up my tripod for some long exposures.  I couldn't find any composition among the rocky shoreline that enthralled me, and opted to climb the steep rock face to the top of the bluff to watch moonrise over an empty horizon instead.  
I put on my B+W #110 filter and setup my tripod but before I started shooting I switched to my 50mm lens instead of the wider 16-35mm zoom.  It was all an experiment with no required outcome, so the pressure to produce was off and I just played around with my abstracts.  I incorporated the moon and I left it out of the frame, I followed the waves and utilized the dark shoreline... all in the name of photographic exploration.  
Back at the computer I found the slight variations in some of thes…

First Juniors of the Summer

This will mark the fourth summer I have volunteered time photographing the junior sailors at Wickford Sailing.  These classes are near and dear to my heart as I grew up learning to sail in the program when I was younger, progressed to teaching the Beginner and Intermediate classes, and now have seen my former students grow into capable young sailors in the racing class, moving through high school and setting their sights on college!
I've visited just a couple classes thus far, including the Beginners, Intermediates, and 420 Racers.  While I'll be visiting other racing regattas and events on the bay throughout the summer, I'll be sure to visit the rest of the program for the younger students as the summer continues.
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Wednesday Nights off to a Start

It feels like we're almost halfway through the summer but Wednesday Nights are just beginning!  Between hot no-wind days and rain, there have been few gorgeous sunny summer nights on the bay.  But one of the first few weeks of Wickford Yacht Club's summer beercan racing series provided a rather beautiful sunny evening with a westerly breeze.  I was onboard the family Nonsuch 30, Papa, and captured some of the action!  
We gambled up the right side of the course, taking our chance with the right-hand wind shifts coming down, while the rest of our fleet banked left.  Starboard roundings and a sweeping current made for a tricky rounding at the windward mark while several of us had to tack or double-tack to make layline.  A strong chase downwind and a last-ditch effort to overtake third place on the last beat, and we finished fourth overall.
Hopefully we'll have some of those stellar golden evenings on the bay before long!
See the full gallery at under Wedn…

Wickford Doors in Summer

There are many popular motifs throughout art and photography, one of them being architecture; and given my local landscape I decided last year to explore the doors of Historic Wickford Village.  Perhaps I had been taking these building for granted all these long years I've lived in Wickford, but taking the time to stroll down the quiet streets and photographing the compelling nature of the front doors brought my attention back to the seemingly mundane.  
I have visited the doors during a quiet winter snowfall and a breezy windswept autumn day.  But most recently I made the trip during a hot and steamy summer afternoon, and of course, sometime in the future, I will make the walk during the blossoming days of spring.  
This summer walk was particularly warm and sunny, and as I attempted to remain in the shady side streets I was captivated by the lush greenery that accompanied the doors and stoops of the historic homes.  While I always visited Main Street previously, I made it a poi…

Volvo Ocean Race Visits Newport

The Volvo Ocean Race:  the epitome of ocean racing competition for sailors across the globe.  Newport counted itself among the lucky seaside cities to be chosen for a leg stopover this past May.  There was almost two full weeks of events, racing, and celebration of this tremendous global sailing event.  I was able to spectate from the water for the Pro-Am Regatta, as crews combined of both professional and amateur sailors reached back and forth across the harbor in a racing circuit showcase of the Volvo Ocean Race Teams.
The start of Leg 7, as boats prepared to cross the Atlantic in one of the last legs of the race, was a true spectacle of sailing enthusiasts.  Newport harbor was choked with spectator boats clambering for a view of the race as teams rounded a mark off Castle Hill and raced downwind under the Newport Bridge before finally heading out to sea.  I had a wonderful view from the rocks at Fort Weatherhill as the teams tacked from shore to shore.
With the racing finally over…