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Cruise: Marion & Provincetown

It took us a decent amount of time, about another 6 hours, to get from Cuttyhunk to Marion.  The breeze had been trying to fill from the Southeast all day but to no success.  We motored most of the way, and tried to sail for a little while before conceding defeat. 
But as we came into Buzzard's Bay the littlest bit of breeze began to pick up to a comfortable 5+ knots and we put up the sail.  As we approached Marion we passed through a fleet of Herreshoff 12 1/2s racing just outside the harbor.  They had some of the most colorful spinnakers I had ever seen with patterns of stars, bright stripes, and all sorts of fun colors.  I love these little wooden day sailors for their simple and sleek design, always a classic!

We only spent one day in Marion, swimming in the exceptionally warm waters in a secluded corner of the harbor.  Steak tip kabobs and a few cocktails later and you couldn't ask for a better way to spend a summer evening!
Our next port of call was the highlight of the …

Cruise: Dutch & Cuttyhunk

The Yacht Club Cruise is very much one of my most looked forward to events of the summer.  It's a signal that summer's coming to a close, but it's also an excuse to get out of the house, away from the computer, and spend days on end swimming, sailing, and reading under the sun!  This year was no different, and we had a terrific week of sunny summer weather at the beginning of August.

Ok, well the first day of cruise there was a bit of rain.  We left Wickford Harbor at noon with the intention of heading straight to Cuttyhunk, a 6 hour trip at about 5 knots.  But with heavy winds in the forecast we ducked into Dutch Harbor instead and spent the night.  The weather rolled through, not too terrible, but it was probably better to be safe than sorry.  We woke up to a beautifully calm morning in the harbor and headed out as soon as possible to get to Cuttyhunk Island off the coast of Massachusetts.

Cuttyhunk is probably one of my most favorite places to visit.  It's a quiet an…