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Yoga in the Woods

Just days before my trip to Block Island, I managed to get a second yoga shoot in before the cold weather.  I had ambitious plans at the beginning of the summer season that quickly slipped away as the days melted from one week to the next.  But with a little determination I found time to work with a good family friend in the back woods of Wickford for another fun yoga shoot!
These photos are from an area of town where I spent a considerable amount of time when I was younger, either walking to school or just playing.  It had been quite a while since I was on these forest paths, and it was refreshing to visit these familiar spots in a new capacity.
A special thanks to Deedee, my yogi of the day, for being so cooperative and graceful while we bumbled through the woods shooting yoga :)
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Block Island & the Milky Way

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Block Island during the September off-season.  With no crowds in sight and wonderful weather abundant, it seemed like the perfect time to visit this little off-coast gem.  This year I was able to make a return trip, and if you can believe it, the weather was even nicer!  I managed to take 5 days off for this little visit offshore and it was probably the last true week of summer that Rhode Island experienced.  Days on the beach, biking around the island, beautifully clear weather... there wasn't much else you could've wished for!
But being a photographer comes with its own difficulties.  In particular, whenever I take a vacation, particularly ones for leisure, I am always conflicted about how much shooting to do.  Here I am in this beautiful location with gorgeous weather and scenery, how can I not take pictures?  I guess it's the downside of having a profession you love; you can just never get away from work!
The first …

Around the Island - Labor Day Weekend

Conanicut Island sits in the middle of Narragansett Bay, and while several clubs and organizations host "around the island" races throughout the season, the Conanicut Yacht Club has possibly one of the longest running events.  This year CYC celebrated their Labor Day Weekend with 10 different PHRF classes, drawing a crowd of 96 boats varying in sizes from J/24s to 60' cruisers.
A warm summer sun with a cooler autumn breeze, gentle ocean swell, a steady 10-12 knots, all added up to superb racing conditions for a holiday weekend.  I was out on the photo boat for every start before jetting off to Beavertail Lighthouse to watch as many boats round the mark as I could!  It was a terrific event and I couldn't be more grateful for the terrific people at CYC that organize and host this annual regatta.  We're already thinking about ways to photograph more of the downwind spinnaker set for next year's race!
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