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An Experiment in Scones

Several months ago I attended an ASMP workshop with career food photographer Jim Scherer.  I was immediately inspired by this branch of photography and the seeming simplicity with which Jim presented it.  But the stars had to align before I found myself making my first attempt at food photography...

My sister is quite the baker and at any given time we will have a variety of baked goods around the house.  Last week she made her signature scones and before they all disappeared I set up for a food photography shoot in the kitchen.  The new acquisition of a solid wood butcher block island made it the perfect time to try it out!

Here you'll see my progression as I started with the basics... my subject on a small plate... and continued to add elements until I felt the shot was complete!  First, the scone and then the styling of a cloth napkin.

Nope... that napkin isn't quite right.  Let me adjust.  And adjust again.  Let's add a cup of coffee in the background, as this is a bre…