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Playing with Water - New Abstracts

Winter's finally here!  We were spoiled into thinking El Nino had completely run the winter weather out of town, but as we get into the end of January it's very clear that the brisk New England winter has arrived, however late.  On a rather beautiful sunny winter weekend I found myself walking along Hull's Cove in Jamestown, a lesser known spot facing due south out towards the open ocean.  I hadn't shot any water panning or "mocean" abstracts for quite some time and found this beautiful day to be the perfect opportunity to just play with some water!
I only had about an hour of good daylight, so I walked along the beach until I found a spot where I could look down along the waves as they rolled into the beach.  This technique works best if you can follow the progress of a moving subject across a horizontal axis, so just standing and looking straight out to sea isn't going to cut it.  
The tricky bit was the unpredictable nature of this wave, and with a li…

2015 Year in Review

It was a long and productive year, and I have a lot to be thankful for!  The new opportunities, the continued support... it all added up to my best year yet blazing my own path as a freelance photographer and fine artist.  I'm making a few slight adjustments to my creative vision and continuing to explore creative horizons... but before we move forward let's take a look back at 2015.

My Instagram #bestnine totaled my top posts for the year and I was very happy with the results!  It looks like my shots of coastal waters and oceanic activities top the charts, which is great since those subjects are closest to my heart.  Not all of these were actually taken in 2015 but I'd like to share my #bestnine with you anyway!  With a medley of abstracts, beach shots, two images from Baja, and other outdoor activities in or near the water, I thought this set of nine summed up my work rather well.

When it comes to my personal favorites from 2015 there's a bit of overlap with the #bes…

Seasonal Surf throughout New England

The surf season for New England properly begins in autumn, when seasonal storms start to kick up more regularly and persist through the winter.  I made my way to the beaches on a few occasions to watch the surf come in and the surfers paddle out.

Here we start with a late afternoon surf session with some lumpy bumpy swell that rolled into Narragansett, Rhode Island.  These were the first waves in quite some time as the summer had been quieter than usual.  Once I arrived, there wasn't much time left in the day to photograph as the autumn light began to fade but I sat contently for about an hour on the Ocean Road seawall and just watched.  There was a crisp breeze but otherwise it was pleasantly warm outside for October.

As we moved into November the weather started to become more seasonable, but still rather sunny.  Lyle and I took a trip to Cape Cod up to a well known surf break just north of the Marconi Station landmark in Wellfleet.  The Cape Cod National Seashore is a vast exp…