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More Winter Surf - February Swell

Surf in Rhode Island doesn't kick up often, but in the winter months... when it does... it's usually BIG!  This February was no exception as we experienced snow after snow, then an arctic blast below freezing immediately followed by 50° temperatures.  The waves came roaring in just after the chill and the ocean put on quite the show.  For those lucky enough to have the day off work (or perhaps call in sick) and brave enough to jump headfirst into our winter waters, it turned out to be one of the biggest surf sessions of the season.

I was having more fun photographing the water and waves than the surfing!

If only I had a wetsuit thick enough to tackle the winter waters I might be able to get in the middle of the action... Well, I guess the first step is to have the proper motivation to go swimming in below freezing temperatures.  Perhaps I'll start shooting surf from the water in the summer months...

Snowy Sunset

Rhode Island was treated to something very special the first week of February.  As our winter moved from sunny and 50 to snowy and properly chilly in a matter of days, we started getting snow after snow after snow.  Our second good snowfall happened just in time for sunset on a Friday afternoon.  
I was in the middle of cleaning off my car when I noticed the end of the cloud line and the setting sun.  I saw it coming and waited patiently... until I had just a few minutes to run inside and grab my camera.  As the clouds started moving away to the east the sank lower in the west, there was only a 15 minute window when everything aligned just right.  The freshly dusted trees began to light up in a wintery light show like no other!   Then the clouds chimed in with bright pinks and oranges.  I ran around the yard for all of those 15 minutes before having to get in the car and drive away.  
The next two days the internet exploded with sunny sunset shots.  I'm glad so many people were a…

Wickford Doors - Summer Series

I've been shooting Wickford Doors for over a year now, determined to capture the picturesque historic entryways in every season.  While I still have Spring left to shoot, I started printing sets of the doors last year.

After their success, particularly the Autumn #1 series, I decided to put together additional sets for Autumn, winter, and two for Summer!

I'm partial to the first summer set and it's garden overtones.  So lush and bright!  But perhaps my favorite single image from the summer series is the dark blue house and yellow door.  Which do you prefer?

Prints available at or email
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Waves of Silver

A while back I had photographed some waves and converted the images to black and white.  While I come from a black and white film background, I rarely shoot black and white or film these days.  I found myself at the beach in the middle of January.  The sun was out, it was over 50 degrees, and the waves were there, churning that cold salty ocean water as they approached the beach.  I shifted my focus to these beautifully backlit waves and later, while editing, decided to give the black and white another try.  The color just wasn't capturing the sheer power I experienced while watching the water that day, but as soon as I covered to monochrome the effect was immediate!  It was a good decision and while I hope to not overuse the effect, I'd like to share some of my most recent successes here.

And while the lighting was very different on this day, I think the black and white still works.  These images help capture more of the emotive quality of these active winter waters.  It'…