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First Practice with the Team

For the nice sunny spring we had in March, many of us had to break the winter coats back out at the start of April.  I, for one, was sorely disappointed I had to get my parka back out after thinking it would be sandal season...  But now that we seem to finally be saying goodbye to winter, I was able to (comfortably) get out on the water for my first time shooting sailing for the season.  I met up with the NKHS Sailing Team for a practice last week during their April Vacation, and it was perhaps the nicest day of the season thus far.  A steady breeze, warm sun, coats optional, it's this kind of weather that makes me fall in love with New England all over again.
It was a great opportunity to get back into shooting sports, which I hadn't done since last September.  Keeping up with the high action out on a boat with a telephoto lens is a totally different photographic beast and I felt out of practice after a long winter.
Being a vacation week only half the sailors were in attenda…

Bonnet Aerials

Second aerial shoot:  Bonnet Shores
It's been tricky finding the right time to fly over the past few weeks.  If it's not raining then it's sunny and extremely windy.  It seems our end of winter had more agreeable weather than our start of spring, but one Saturday rolled around when the skies cleared and the wind stayed low. 
I had been running a few errands most of the day and when I finally had a chance to catch my breath it was 5pm and the sky was blue.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity for another drone flight!  I grabbed my pack and hopped in the car.  I was half deciding where to go while driving, and while a few places over the bridge or along the south shores sounded intriguing, with fading light I didn't want to drive too far.  So debating between a few spots, it was settled that Bonnet Shores might be a great spot to explore from an aerial view.
Lyle was my spotter and we drove through the neighborhood, thinking about exploring the marsh to the north an…