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Castle Hill Aerials

I have my drone shot list - and at the top is lighthouses of Rhode Island.  I've been meaning to do all the RI lighthouses for some time now, and with a new perspective available with my 3DR Solo it seemed like the perfect opportunity to capture all these iconic landmarks in a new light.
First stop:  Castle Hill 

M32 at NYYC Annual

The New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta hosted its 162nd iteration this year to big sun and breeze!  This even was the same weekend as Wickford Regatta and saw the same cloudy and stormy Saturday, and breezy Sunday.  But I was out on the water with them for the Friday Around the Island Race to kick off the regatta weekend.
Friday started with high winds in the morning that faded around noontime and were almost completely gone by mid-afternoon.  I was out on the water with the M32 class catamarans.  This new class of boat had 7 skippers for the NYYC Annual, and they were sent off racing with the second start of the day behind the Gunboats.  These fast cats rounded the island ahead of everyone else and finished with enough time to do some class practice races by Rose Island before the next boats even crossed the finish line.  I can't even imagine how incredibly they must perform in more than 12 knots!
See all the shots in the M32 Gallery


Dusky Abstracts

It can be hard to give new life to an ongoing project.  You might put it on the back burner and forget about it for a while... or it might become so routine you aren't inspired anymore.  With my abstract seascape series I find myself going out at similar times of day, with similar weather conditions, and coming back with similar shots.  It can be difficult to put a new twist on a body of work.  You want a series of images to relate to each other, to go together, but if they're all too similar then the lack of variety can feel stale and unoriginal.
But at the same time, I enjoy revisiting the same photo locations and forcing myself to produce new work from a familiar environment.  Narragansett Beach is one such location, and with a cloudless sky and otherwise unoriginal sunset, I was determined to produce something a little different.
I shot across the edge of the beach instead of straight out to sea.  I played with my shutter speeds and watched the color go more golden instea…

Wickford Regatta 2016

This was my fourth year shooting the Wickford Regatta.  I couldn't believe that it had been that long, and that I was able to revisit this one event so consistently!  It was a unique year for this regatta as well.  Saturday was overcast and rainy, with threat of a squall rolling through that afternoon.  I wasn't in attendance for Day One, but both Alpha and Bravo circles completed a race or two in the morning before heading in for shelter.  
Sunday saw some unique wind conditions for this part of the bay.  We usually see a westerly in the morning, swinging to a southern sea breeze with the afternoon heat.  If there's a northerly it's usually a strong one from the northeast.  But this day, post-storm, was a hefty and gusty 25 knots out of the northwest all day long.  Gusts were up into the 30s at one point.  It was Air Show weekend at Quonset and even the planes weren't flying for part of the afternoon!
Bravo circle with the J/22s, I-Canoes, F-18s and 505s called i…

Aerial Narrows

More drones!  It's hard enough to find time to go shoot for myself, but with my new aerial drone system I need extra time dedicated to flying practice, too.  I had a rather busy day at the end of April and I just needed to get outside and go shooting.  It was 5:30pm and with sunset so late these days I had plenty of time to get a kit together and make it to the beach.  I turned from my DSLR camera bag and grabbed my 3DR instead, gave my drone batteries a little extra juice, and hopped in the car deciding on the road to go shooting at Narrow River.
It was a bit windy but I know my drone can fly up to 55mph which means it should be able to handle a 12 knot breeze no problem.  I would just have to keep an eye on my battery life as it would surely be depleted more quickly if I tried flying into a headwind.  I parked at the north most parking lot at Narragansett Beach and started walking up towards the mouth of the Narrow River.  I lucked out with my timing, the tide was extra low, th…

Planting with Save the Bay

I didn't grow up calling myself an environmentalist.  That's a word you learn later in life.  When I was a kid it just seemed like the right thing to do, to care about living things and nature because without them we don't have a healthy place to live, no food, and no outdoor spaces to enjoy.
When it comes to photography, I had been thinking of expanding into environmental work.  I wanted to feel like I was doing more than creating photos, but helping to capture something to illustrate the importance of environmental work.  So much good is done through so many programs, and they often go unnoticed. 
So I found the time this spring to make a call to Save the Bay.  Anyone who lives on Narragansett Bay has probably heard of this phenomenal organization.  It was founded back in 1970 to clean up and preserve Narragansett Bay and its watershed.  It's incredible successes continue today as Save the Bay's work spans across multiple areas of environmental stewardship inclu…