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Summers with WSA

I can't get enough of young kids enjoying sailing!  I can't get enough of being outside on a sunny day.  While I missed the first two weeks of Junior Sailing, which started abruptly the Monday after school finished for most of these kids, I was able to get my act in order for Week 3 of the Wickford Junior Sailing program.  
The program has a new structure this year, offering one week classes alongside two week or four week sessions for the beginners.  It's a new opportunity for the kids with busy schedules to get as much time on the water as possible before they're off on family vacations, soccer camps, or just something else to fit into the all-too-short summer season!  (While this new trend is greatly welcomed and accommodating to so many families, and I must embrace the opportunity to introduce sailing to so many new young people, I want to share this food for thought on the importance of boredom)
Here are some of my favorite shots from Week 3, but more will be upl…

Wickford Catboats

There seems to be no shortage of beautiful sunny summer evenings this year!  The storms are few and far between, and we're left with light breezes, sun, and nothing too hot thus far.  I guess these are those taxpayer nights, when living in this state is more than justified but an absolute dream!
I was out with the catboat fleet for the second season in a row, and hopped aboard a fellow WYC member boat this time for a different perspective.  The fleet seemed a little smaller this year but full of fun old salts as always.  The breeze was shifty and dying, so we only went around the one time.   In the Marshall 22 class with only 3 boats it can be quite competitive 
I can't get enough of golden sun on these wooden boats!  I can't wait to get out with the fleet again the weeks ahead.
Wickford Catboats 2016

Sun and Sails - Wednesday Night Racing

Off to the races!

Wickford is changing it up this year by offering two 6-week series for the summer.  And while we all were just wrapping our heads around summer finally arriving, the first series was already over!

I got out on the water for one gorgeous sunny evening in particular in late June to catch some action.  The changeover in this fleet is pretty minimum so I have to really work to create new shots after 5 years of photographing the same boats again and again.  Having beautifully blue skies and sun can never hurt in the photo-making process!  Here are a few sunny sailing favorites from a night on Narragansett Bay :)

The event gallery can be seen under WYC Wednesday Night 2016

Beavertail from the Sky

Ah.. Beavertail, one of those spots that's always beautiful, always full of wonder!  You can find some peace and quiet here during the off season, but in the summer months it is often flooded with cars watching the sunset to the west. 
This night in particular I was out for an evening stroll to photograph the sunset and moonrise.  It proved rather difficult to get the most flattering angle of the building with the moon in the background, but as I experimented with angles I found perhaps the best shot of all just offshore looking straight back to land, at an elevation of only about 90 feet!
Per usual, I was so eager in my flight I mistimed the sunset just so, and the pink clouds were illuminated only after I had exhausted both batteries.  Well, I guess I'll just have to go back again!
See all the aerial shots here in the new Aerial Gallery

Flying over Moonstone

There can be unexpected obstacles for any profession, but being new to aerial drone photography there were a few things that I had not yet considered until I went for a late afternoon shoot at Moonstone Beach in South Kingstown.  This beach is at the end of a quiet dirt road and unknown to a lot of local Rhode Islanders.  It's further down Route 1 than Matunuck, and not nearly as populated or well-trodden as Green Hill and Charlestown Breachway.  But one quiet late spring day I found myself at the end of this dirt road, waving to a fisherman quietly waiting with baited hook in the marshy pond, as I strolled onto the beach.

To my left there were immediately visible NO TRESPASSING stakes sectioning off part of the beach where a structure was being reconstructed.  I had scouted out an area off to the east on Google Earth before coming to Moonstone, and walked along the waterline outside the boundary markers towards my destination.  There would be an inlet from the marsh to the ocean …