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Friends in High Places

The first weekend I was back since my trip to Jackson it was forecasted to rain.  A few friends wanted to go hiking, and since all of them except myself have jobs with regular business hours, the weekend was their only opportunity to get outside and explore.  I joined in the adventure, and we collectively picked a hike in New Hampshire's Crawford Notch of the White Mountains: Mount Eisenhower.  This 6 mile loop was rated as moderate, climbing to the summit at 4,780 ft.  The chance of rain diminished all week and we packed up my Subaru and headed north!
We left Providence just after 6pm and stopped for some dinner on the way.  We arrived at the Dry River Campground by 11:30pm and set up the tents to call it a night.  The campground was in a great location, just a few minutes down the road from our hike, relatively quiet and with great clean facilities.  The lots were well spaced so we didn't feel like we were right on top of any neighbors, but I bet it's a different kind o…

Summit in Jackson Pt 2

I was already thrilled with the first half of the Summit Adventure Workshop, but the second half was even better!
Day 4 we woke up bright and early to go white water rafting on the river.  While the river was low, it worked well for us since we needed to keep our camera gear dry.  We were greeted by phenomenal sea smoke and golden morning light that even the workshop staff said was the best lighting conditions they'd ever seen!  I found myself shooting into the sun and focusing on the kayakers within their environment more than just the high energy action moments.  These guys were truly talented!  They would roll for us, throw spray, and even do somersaults if we asked! 
We journeyed down river and the sun rose higher, bringing the temperature up from a cool 50 to a warm 60 in the shade, almost 70 in the sun by noon.  We broke for lunch on the river bank and the kayakers played in a standing wave.  Some of us even got in the water!  Ryan Taylor and Jen Edney were incredibly accom…

Summit in Jackson Pt 1

This was it.  September was on me before I knew it, and suddenly the week of September 16th had arrived.  How could summer be over so fast?  I didn't have time to stop and think, I had to pack.  I was going out to Wyoming for the Summit Adventure Workshop.
I come from photographing sailing and coastal lifestyle, but I didn't want to be roped into the niche of only nautical photography.  I had had a taste of travel, and wanted to explore outdoor adventure photography as a whole.  Aside from sailing I also thoroughly enjoy yoga and recently discovered climbing, so to find a way to incorporate all these elements of my life into my work would be a great achievement.  And the adventure element helps bring travel into the mix.  
So I started looking for outdoor workshops, and I scoped out Summit last year.  I was immediately captivated by the idea of not only great locations and models for shooting, but the number of faculty involved, the business insights and portfolio feedback wo…

Thistles at Dusk

This summer I made time to just go for a walk.  I went down Rome Point, nice and close to home, and brought my DSLR with me.  I didn't know what I would find, what I would shoot, only that it was a beautiful day and golden hour was approaching.
I came to the beach and walked south, then further south, and soon I was almost at Plum Beach.  The rocky shore of Rome Point became slightly sandier, and I found a small pond and marsh covered in dune grass and bright purple thistles in bloom!
When I was a kid I always confused thistles and clovers.  They're both little fireworks of purple wildflower, but now I can easily tell the difference.  Some of these thistles were up to my waist in height, and as the sun sank lower I saw my shot approaching!
I love shooting into the sun.  The warm backlight of golden hour gives an aesthetic like no other!  Technically it can be difficult to get a proper exposure.  Depending on the strength of the lighting, sometimes Matrix Metering and Aperture…

CYC Around the Island 2016

Conanicut Yacht Club's annual Around the Island Race circumnavigates Conanicut Island every Labor Day weekend.  This is an end of season event for many sailors, and allows for a last friendly hoorah with mostly PHRF and a few One Design fleets.  This year's event was slightly unusual compared to most years, as a stiff northeasterly breeze hung around most of the week through the weekend.  Rain and even stronger winds were forecasted, but come race day it was a 20-25 knot breeze with no rain in sight!  
The boats started just off the Yacht Club by the Newport Bridge and raced north this year instead of the usual southerly start.  Photographically, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph boats against the Newport Bridge compared to the usual Clingstone in the background.  Not to mention, I love shooting into the sun so the water was sparkling and the backlit sails glowed as spray from the competitors was thrown every which way!
To avoid a terribly uncomfortable motorboat …