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Yoga with Karuna

Thanksgiving is approaching.  Later this week I'll be gathered around a table with friends and family, discussing what's new for each of us, what we're thankful for, eating turkey, and I'll be trying to remain optimistic after my morale took a beating from the presidential election.

But before we harken the cold upcoming months, I wanted to share a few autumn yoga pictures from another outdoor yoga shoot, this time with the wonderful Karuna.  This wonder woman has been traveling the world for 20 years teaching yoga in far flung places from Mexico, to Greece, and upcoming in Morocco.  She was a wonderfully warm and inviting spirit, and I automatically felt like her friend.

With the last minute explosion of fall foliage colors after Halloween, Karuna and I trekked into Ryan Park in North Kingstown.  I had previously found a beautiful low hanging birch tree creating an enveloping cave of golden foliage warmth.  It was truly a woodland fairy experience, and Karuna was wond…

Yoga with Shannon

I don't want to use photography as just a means of income.  I want photography to be inspiring, stimulating, and engaging for myself, those I work with, and those who view it.  Part of going to Summit Adventure in Jackson Hole this September was to learn how to incorporate the other  elements of my life into my work.  I have the sailing community but there's more to my life (and hopefully my work) than just nautical imagery.  There's more I enjoy and more I want to photograph!
Yoga is one of those activities I've been engaged in for several years.  It's been a means of personal and spiritual growth, health and wellness, activity and fitness, and building relationships with friends both new and old.  It's something I enjoy doing and sharing, and I wonder what took me so long to start photographing it!
After one shoot with a friend last year, and one more this past May,  I finally kicked into high gear.  I started contacting yogis in the area, some I knew and so…

Abstracts // Green Hill and Little Compton

Abstract photography can be an escape.  It forces me to let go, allow the creativity to take over, and look for the subtleties in the landscape.  Intuition and expression take the place of contrived composition, and Mother Nature comes through.
I don't need much to photograph abstracts, just an hour or so of free time, my standard camera kit (always packed and ready to go), and my tripod.  Just after returning from my trip out west to Jackson Hole, I had been in a flurry for two weeks just processing all the new information and catching up on everything from my time away.  But I made time for myself and my photography, and soon found one afternoon to just escape.
We had a couple of warm days in early October, and I hopped in the car on a whim and went to Green Hill Beach.  I didn't have any big ideas in mind of what would be there when I arrived or what I wanted to shoot.  But as we parked and golden hour approached, the waves were rolling gently into the beach, the sun was w…

April & Arthur

I made the decision early on to not be a portrait / wedding photographer.  It wasn't what I felt strongly about, it wasn't something that stirred me inspirationally, but over the years I will still take on portrait assignments to keep myself fresh.  Shooting a variety of subject matter helps keep you on your toes, keeps your creativity flowing, and even if it's not your forte it helps strengthen how you see light and composition.  So when a friend asked for portraits of herself and her retired horse, of course I said "Yes!"
April is a dear family friend, and her beautiful chestnut American quarter horse, Arthur, has been living the senior lifestyle for a few years now.  He spends his days eating grass, enjoying the sun and pasture, he even has some horsey friends!  Even though he doesn't get ridden anymore, this 20+ year old beauty is more than any pet or pastime for April.  He's very much a part of her life and her family.
We spent a gorgeous sunny afte…