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Hinckley // Talaria 55

Shortly after Chris and I photographed the Hinckley Dasher, we got the call for one of the largest power boats in the Hinckley fleet:  the Talaria 55.  As a 55' luxury motor yacht, the Talaria 55 also comes in a flybridge version.  The attention to detail and craftsmanship of this yacht are truly exceptional, and the ride is comfortable as can be.  It's a nod to classic design but with all the bells and whistles of a 21st century technologically advanced watercraft.  
We started bright and early on a crisp cold morning in October, jetting by the Newport bridge and Castle Hill at sunrise.  We looped around Aquidneck Island, nestling into Sakonnet Harbor during early morning, before taking long runs up the East Passage around noontime.  For sunset, we tucked into the harbor at Potter's Cove on Prudence Island where we were just about the only boat in sight.  The Talaria drifted on perfectly calm waters as the sun sank below the horizon.  As sunset passed, I waited patiently…

Hinckley // Dasher

This year, Hinckley unveiled a first of its kind for the luxury powerboat industry:  the Dasher.  Entirely electric, this sleek 28 footer is powered by lithium ion BMW batteries and a super quiet "Whisper Drive" propulsion system.  Complete with custom 3D printed cleats, a retractable windscreen, and artisanal teak rails, she is a beauty to behold.  
In October, I had the pleasure of photographing the Dasher for Hinckley's product catalog.  We were blessed with sunny skies and warm breezes, despite it being early October.  We took Dasher out for a spin on Narragansett Bay, circling through Portsmouth and up towards Bristol.  Even as we jetted across the Bay at full speeds, the only sounds by the stern were of the water, be it the sound of a babbling brook or a roaring waterfalls as we sped along the water.  Fellow creative Chris Love of Chris Love Productions was also onboard as part of the media team, creating motion and video. 
As a lover the environment, the boating …

Nantucket // Last Days

My last days on Nantucket were spent first recovering from the 14 mile shoe-swallowing sand trek to Great Point, then taking my time with just a few more shoots before the week came to a close.  The last of Hurricane Maria was churning offshore, and brisk winds would be whipping across the island for the next day or so.  I revisited Sankaty Lighthouse for sunset, playing with long exposures as clouds rolled across the sky.  Then it was a cool and cloudy visit to the east side where I walked the dunes and beach at Quidnet for an abstract seascape steeped in rich jewel tones of royal blue and turquoise.  
My last day on the island I went back to Madaket Harbor, but this time for an aerial drone session.  The tide was low and about a dozen people were out clamming on a Sunday morning.  I walked along the marshy tide line until I found a dry sand patch to launch from and explored the harbor by air.  The marsh and reef were clearly visible through the clear shallow water, and illuminated …

Nantucket // Great Point

It was halfway through my week on Nantucket.  I had visited the island briefly last summer, so as my shot list was winding down, I decided to revisit Brant Point Light.  Last year I had photographed it on a peaceful afternoon and waited through dusk.  This time, I rose with the sun and got to the lighthouse just in time to photograph it in the earliest morning light possible.  The dramatic change in light also has a dramatic effect on the image, immediately infusing a sense of awe and wonder, with strong light and crisp shadows.
I followed my morning lighthouse visit with a walk through the Ram Pasture Nature Trail, all the way down to the south shore of the island.  Here, the southern ends of Hummock Pond and Long Pond are just a few yards from the open ocean.  I took flight with the drone to photograph the waves playing along the shore, and even a couple paddle boarders launching into Hummock Pond.
But perhaps the biggest part of the trip was yet to come:  a hike along 7 miles of s…

Nantucket // Day 2 & 3

In just one day of shooting I already felt like I accomplished so much!  My goal of aerials, abstracts, and landscapes was already rather complete, so I decided to take an easier itinerary for the next couple of days.

For the first adventure of Day 2 I drove to the northwest side of the island, where the houses are more sparse, the waters are still calm, and the beaches stretch for miles.  I explored Dionis Beach and took my drone for a hike out towards Eel Point.  It was about 2 miles through the sand, passing beachgoers with their dogs driving on the beach, before I found complete solitude.  I droned as I walked, exploring the shapes in the sand and pathways through the brush.  I used two batteries on the walk to the point, took a break to soak up some sun, and walked back towards my car collecting seashells along the way.

While I broke for lunch, I debated which area to visit - or revisit - for sunset.  I settled on revisiting Madaket Harbor for golden hour, and staying through su…