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Nantucket // Day 1

Nantucket.  It's not a terribly small island, but it's not terribly big either.  Sitting 30 miles offshore of Massachusetts, it faces due south to the open sea.  The eastern most point of Massachusetts is on Nantucket, and if you sailed south into the Atlantic, the next point of land you'd cross is in the Caribbean.  The island is steeped in history, from the native americans to the whaling industry of the late 1700s.  Today, it is continuing to change, with continued development of private homes, but the island is still about 40% public and conservation land.
As part of an artist residency with the Nantucket Island School of Design & Art, I had the opportunity to spend a week on the island focusing on nothing but my photography!  I arrived the last week of September and stayed through the first few days of October.  Hurricane Maria was circling somewhere offshore, but the forecast was still showing a lot of sun so it was shaping up to be a great week to spend on the …

Hurricane Surf

This hurricane season has been one for the books.  From Gert to Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria, the season still isn't even over yet... With devastating destruction in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, and floods in Texas, New England was lucky when it came to the weather.  After storms like Sandy and Irene, a lot of us were preparing for the worst, but luckily all these shores really received was epic surf and swell.
Just about all of September there were waves rolling up the east coast, arriving here in Rhode Island as head height or overhead.  It was still mostly warm and sunny even into the first week of October,  with just a few cloudy or foggy days mixed in between.  Sunny, 75-80, and hurricane surf?  What an indian summer...
I soaked up some sun with a few extra beach days while photographing the action from the shore, and even flew the drone over Point Judith for a new surf perspective.  
Perhaps the best day arrived in the middle of Jose along Rhode Island's southern shor…

Abstracts // Narragansett & Narrow River

Early this summer, when the weather and water were starting to warm, I went to explore abstract photography once again.  Although I returned to perhaps my most photographed beach – Narragansett – I challenged myself to find something different.  I watched the waves roll in, and water line washing back and forth... and then I thought about finding some greenery.
I walked all the way to the end of the beach where Narrow River meets the ocean.  The sun was setting directly up river, so I had to face my camera more to the North where the last bit of marsh reeds met the sand.  I found my bit of green, and I played with the new color palette as the sun sank and the light turned golden.
Another abstract adventure in the books
Fine Art Prints available in the Abstracts Gallery



I can't believe the summer is already over!  I tell myself every June to enjoy all the sunny days, because they'll be gone before you know it!  Although, I still love autumn, so I'm not totally complaining :)
This summer I expanded my junior sailing photography.  I wasn't just covering the regattas and events, but also the junior programs where kiddies 7-17 learned to sail, not just to compete.  For two of the programs I visited – Ida Lewis and SYC – photo sales are helping to give back!  With this fundraising option, 30% of all sales from those respective programs will be donated back to the junior sailors, so know that your purchase is helping to contribute to these little sailors' summer adventures and sailing experiences!
All the photos from my summer on the water can be viewed under Events.  The junior program galleries in particular cover: WSA SYC Ida Lewis
Enjoy these last days of summer, while they last!