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East Matunuck

This winter has been one for the record books.  With 30 degree swings in temperature, mid 60° weather in late February, it suddenly feels like spring has already arrived with summer just around the corner.  
While I spent some time outside basking in the warm sunlight the past few weeks, I still felt anxious as these weather patterns are certainly an indicator of the trending unpredictability due to climate change.  I can't even imagine what kind of disruptions we might get later in the year.  Will there be another late spring frost that kills any blooms and impacts orchards and crops? Severe rains like the historic flooding back in 2010?  Intense summer squalls or damaging hurricanes?  My mind plays a tug-of-war between warm weather enthusiasm and doomsday like anxiety...
But thats when I can return to my photography.  My work can encompass my dichotomous feelings about the weather – celebrating the beautiful places and lifestyle that comes from being outdoors on a gorgeous day,…