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Rhode Trip // NoCal // Day 1

I have been to California before, but not like this.  There were family trips when I was younger, and a visit for my cousin's high school graduation about a decade ago.  But this was different.  This was a camping trip; a state park trip; a hiking trip.  This was an opportunity to explore the region north of the bay area, with a 6 day itinerary of nothing but the great outdoors.  For myself and my brother, both from the East Coast, this was more than just a road trip, it was an east meets west.  This was a Rhode Trip, Northern California edition.
My brother is in the Coast Guard.  He's been stationed out of Alameda for the past couple of years, and was recently reassigned to Crescent City at the California / Oregon border.  The plan was to explore the west coast from San Francsico up to Crescent City, with plenty of stops along the way for trails, lighthouses, redwoods, waterfalls, and coastline.  We departed the morning of April 4th on a beautiful day of 65° and sunny.