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Aerials in Newport Harbor

Some days you don't have a plan.  Some days you just want to go for a shoot!  Last week that's exactly what happened when Steve Cloutier (@BlockIslandSteve) called me up and asked if I wanted to tag along for some droning in Newport Harbor.  Who was I to say no!  A quick hour charge for the batteries and we were on our way.
Logistics can be one of the hardest things about photographing sailing.  You usually need to find a boat and boat driver in order to get on the water and close to the action.  But in Newport, a lot of the smaller fleets will have their starting line just between Goat and Rose Island, making it easy to just photograph from land nearby.  Steve and I were out on a Tuesday evening, and arrived just as a group of Ensigns started their sail upwind toward Clingstone.  While they sailed south in a beautiful 7+ knots, we played around in the middle of the harbor. Apparently from where we were standing, Rose Island light is about 1 km away, and at the very end of my…

SUP Adventures

It's summer!  The season is halfway over, and when I'm not out on the water photographing sailing, I've been taking time to get on the water for some paddle boarding.  I've had some adventures with friends, some paddles and yoga by myself, and all the while playing with various cameras.

My GoPro has been a handy little companion for quickly attaching to the board and hitting the water, but I've also recently acquired my new Liquid Eye Water Housing for my DSLR!  While I'm still getting used to the ergonomics of this big housing, I have plans to take it in the water for some sailing photos, surf, and of course some in-water abstracts.  I could also use my old school Nikonos waterproof film camera, or the Watershot for my iPhone.  But of course my DSLR will always get the best image quality out of the whole bunch!

More water photography to come while the water is so nice and warm :)

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